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Is the character of Glimmer demeaning to young girls?
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Glimmer is perfect,blond, pretty and a career. In the book all boys like her (except Peeta) and some even get murdered for it. Although her murder was a shock for all of us, do you think the she's a model little girls are trying to fit into?

I never got the impression every guy liked her... sure in the interviews, Katniss described her as 'sexy' but, I thought she just kept to herself with the Careers.

I think she was an attractive, strong, powerful girl that got the short end of the stick because she dared to be pretty and well trained for the Hunger Games.

Frankly, if girls want to be pretty, blonde, and strong/prepared to face down the challenges in their lives, I don't see why that would be a bad thing. They could certainly choose much worse role models.

Glimmer could definitely influence the younger readers of the trilogy. She was a strong, pretty girl who was raised thinking that it was okay to view people as a moving target to hunt down and kill. If you were raised like that, you would want to volunteer too. She didn't think she was doing anything wrong because that was how she was taught to act. She had the wrong set of morals to live by and that's why she became a murderess.

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No. They don't get inspired by Glimmer but by their own surroundings. Glimmer shouldn't really be a "role model" for young girls. This makes them a "wanna-be" as we call them. As a young girl, I wouldn't really see Glimmer as a role model. Though, doesn't every girl want to be pretty and loved? It's human nature. If your snotty and a brat, now that's a whole other story. Therefore, girls don't really see Glimmer as a model girls are trying to fit into. They don't get inspired by her, but by other girls that are actually pretty and loved. This shouldn't be much of a concern to any parent or anyone who thinks this. This might sound confusing but what i'm trying to explain is that girls don't think while reading the book, "Hey, I am going to start being like Glimmer-all pretty and seductive!"..if that's what you are trying to ask. I hope this backs up my opinion clearly! lol

Well I think all readers know how messed up Glimmer is. I mean how many girls are like "wow Glimmer is so pretty! And she gets all the boys! I want to murder people like her!"

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I don't think Glimmer should be a role-model for young girls. I don't think that Glimmer was a particularly special character, and I don't think that the fact that she was blond, pretty, and a career should change the way people think towards her. There are worse role-models, yes, but I know that I probably wouldn't choose Glimmer as a role-model.

I don't think that any girl reading the series or watching the film would even give Glimmer and second glance. Katniss is the main character, the books are from her perspective. It's her story. Everyone looks up to Katniss.
Looking up to Katniss is a good thing for obvious reasons. I don't see why Glimmer is such an issue as everyone (unintentionally) views her as a 'baddy'.

I don't think so. Suzanne Collins did a good job with the character of Glimmer. She's pretty, blond, and in District 1. And I got the impression that she was a total snob. I didn't find that demeaning at all. And besides, I think that people who read this book are old enough to understand that she's just sort of a character because that's the stereotype that goes along with people from District 1. I'm assuming that people 10 or 11 and up are reading these books, and at this age I was definitely aware that I shouldn't be like this.

depends what part of her you are talking about...

not really.... there are certainly worse stereotypical characters out there. if you've read lorien legacies, for example, sarah is a complete cliche. blond, pretty, cheerleader, dating school jock, and skinny. that's pretty demeaning for anyone who doesn't fit in that category. but definitely, i think most characters are models that readers try to fit into. they live in a world we love to read about, and often, we love who they are.

uh... if any character was going to be a role model for girls in the book would it not be Katniss. she's totally kickass yet totally vulnerable at the same time. she's so much better.

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