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What do you think about the ending? was anybody mad?

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Daphne Birchfield I myself was a bit mad but also kind of happy. I thought they were going to kill off Shaun.

Rose I'm happy. I want them to have a chance of being reunited!! Bring on book 3!

Elizabeth Reuter I'm thrilled. I love how she pulled together so many loose ends from the first book, some of which I'd written off as sloppy writing. I'm dying for the third!

-Elizabeth Reuter
Author, Demon of Renaissance Drive

Mark It takes a lot for me to be mad at a book. For me, a book really only makes me "mad" when there are continuity errors. Nothing about any book can make me madder. As far as this book goes, there were turns that I wasn't expecting, but I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the third in the series!

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I thought this book was a real step down from "Feed".

Holden Attradies I enjoyed the ending. I also thought Shaun was going to get killed off, and was feeling grumbly because it would have made it feel so much like the first book.

@Michael: Why did you feel it was a step down from feed? That's a statement your throwing out there without an explanation and, aside from the point it isn't even related to the original posted question, doesn't really add anything to the discussion. Care to elaborate?

Vince Holden wrote: "I enjoyed the ending. I also thought Shaun was going to get killed off, and was feeling grumbly because it would have made it feel so much like the first book.

@Michael: Why did you feel it was a..."

@Holden - Easy there bud...the question was about whether the ending made you mad...I think expressing that the not just the ending, but the book as a whole was a letdown (an emotional reaction) is fairly related to the question. As for details, I have no idea why Michael felt that way, but I agree. Specifically, I felt the 2nd book offered a lot less plot density for the number of pages.

To answer the original poster's, it didn't make me mad. Quite the opposite, I thought it was rather clever. The story so far has really centered on speculation regarding medical advances...whether beneficial or harmful. Taking the story in this direction, combined with what we've learned about Shaun & George rescued my interest in reading a third.

Kathy I enjoyed the ending to this book. It was unexpected and didn't make me mad. I'm glad the next book isn't far off publication. It'll be interesting to see the explanations...

Marina Ermakova It would be a bit hypocritical for me to be mad, since I spend all of Deadline missing George...

I did pause at the end to wonder if this twist took away from the strong emotional drive of Deadline, but I ultimately decided that it didn't. It was all still there, and just because I learned something later that changes things, doesn't change the experience I had of reading the book without that knowledge.

It's kind of like getting to have it both ways. I'm fine with it.

Diane I loved the ending because it totally caught me off guard. Books don't often do that to me. I totally thought they were killing off Shaun - why not they did it to George and that shocked me enough I almost didn't go on to the next book. I totally liked where Grant took this book even with out George. I love how we are left with the next rising and how characters will react to it. We started the series well into zombiehood when everything was pretty much status quo. I can't wait to read Blackout - the ending of Deadline left me on the edge and wanting to read more which pretty much is the point in a series right?

Laura I loved the ending to this book as it gave the author the perfect direction for book three. I wasn't mad at all, except maybe at the CDC.

Nadine May I found the ending indeed unique but the topic is so gloomy. I'm not a horror fan to start with but I was hoping for a more positive solution about the virus in the second book. Maybe in the third and last book there is, if so I will get it, that is why I ask. Has anyone read book 3 Blackout?

Laura I plan on reading it in September. I have way too many books on my plate for August already.

Laura I will let you know how it is if someone doesn't beat me to it.

Stephanie I didn't like the "GASP!" ending very much. I felt like I was watching Matrix: Reloaded all over again. That's just to big of a cliff hanger to leave someone with. I'm just glad I had the 3rd book on my shelf and ready to go when I put down number 2! I feel like cutting a story off at the point the author cut book two off at is just mean. At least Shawn didn't die. I was considering throwing the 3rd book out the window if that happened...

Noodles Deadline was like pure torture to me. I was so miserable with the way the first one ended I almost didn't pick this one up, but I loved Feed so much I forced myself to read Deadline and it was like a horrible thorn sticking into me the whole time. It was probably the most painful passive aggressive thing I had ever done to myself with a book. xD So when I read the ending to this one I am unashamed to admit I squealed in joy.

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Jeremy I was really hoping Shaun would just die and we'd be rid of him. As soon as Dr. Abbey wanted to "discuss his test results" I knew something inconceivable was up.

Jennifer I thought it was clever.The third book would not be the same if there wasn't a Mason in it. I am looking forward to reading that 3rd book.

Diane I really liked all 3 books a lot!

Jennifer Series done. Loved it.

Deeptanshu It was a great book not as good as the first , mostly because it lacked the emotional stakes of the original and also having George haunting him seems like a cop out. I would have preferred to read more about Shawn coming to terms with her death and more about the rest of the team rather than spending half the book talking to himself.

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