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Broken lives meet unanswered questions-- will a chance encounter heal all wounds? The latest literary short from Untreed Reads is now out as an ebook worldwide.

Rumspringa by Jesse S. Greever

Excessive drinking. Chain-smoking. Methamphetamine addiction.

Such is the life of Wilma Burrows, a woman whose lifetime has been marred by an inexplicable string of bad decisions. Scarred and shattered, she tries to manage each day as it comes, desperate to keep herself from plunging into the abyss, but the demons are always a few short steps behind her.

Sixteen years ago, one of her many indiscretions resulted in the birth of pure and untainted innocence. But that shining glimmer of decency was whisked away, only to fade away as a distant memory.

But some days, even the most faded memories have a way of reemerging in unexpected ways.

And for Wilma, that day is today.

A short story from our Nibs literary line.

Jesse S. Greever Out to prove that not everything is bigger in Texas, Jesse Greever is an author of flash and short fiction. By day, he masquerades as a sales manager in a high technology field, but by night, he hunches over his notebook computer and pecks out fiction, hoping beyond hope that someone who reads it might actually enjoy it. Jesse lives in the northern Dallas suburbs with his wife and daughter. One thinks he’s pretty swell; the other thinks he might be Superman. It’s anybody’s guess as to which is which.

Jesse is the author of other releases from Untreed Reads, including A Summer Wedding, 5 and The Annex. In late summer 2010, A Summer Wedding became the first Untreed Reads title translated to Spanish (Una boda de verano).

How to Purchase Rumspringa:

Rumspringa is $0.99 from The Untreed Reads Store in a variety of formats, including EPUB and Kindle formats.

You’ll also find the title at virtually every ebook retailer around the world including Amazon, B&N, Apple, WHSmith and Waterstone’s.

If the title hasn’t arrived at your favorite retailer, it soon will! It sometimes takes our retailers a few weeks to process new titles.

Untreed Reads ebook titles are also available for sale to public libraries through our distributor Overdrive. If you’d like to see our titles available for electronic checkout at your local library, please let them know.

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