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do you think katniss picked the right guy
Megandemily Megandemily Feb 24, 2012 12:29PM
we are having second thoughts about who katniss picked? please share your opinion!!!!

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She didn't really choose. You hear her say that she's still confused about who she likes, yet SHE'S MARRIED WITH TWO KIDS. I think if she had really loved Gale, she would have run after him and followed him. If she had really loved Peeta, she wouldn't still be using him. So, she sorta loves them both, but there comes a certain point when it's just cruel. Don't just prance around and ignore the fact that you're letting people make choices for you. This is one of the reasons I didn't like Katniss in Mockingjay. She lost her ability to make her own choices and stand up for what she believed in. She really just let everyone do it for her.
I don't mean this against anyone's opinion, it's just what I think. :)

EDIT: Kirby made me think a bit and I read the end a bit more carefully. This is my verdict: Yes, she chose the right person. Like she says, Gale has a lot of fire and adding that to hers probably wouldn't have been the right match. Peeta seems like the right choice. ;) Thank you, Kirby!

I think given her situation, she picked correctly. I think if she had picked Gale, she would be forever wondering if he was responsible for her sister's death and that would slowly tear them apart.

I thought she and Gale were better all the way through before that copout ending that made her not want him anymore. Although honestly, I don't think either were right for her.

She didn't really pick either. She danced around the subject and waited for the decision to essentially be made for her.

I agree with Emmalee, she should have picked Gale. He was always there! They could have gotton around Prim's death, it wasn't his fault Coin sent out the bombs, there's no way he could have known that. Katniss knew that to, and the reason she didn't follow him was because of the prep team, they held her back so they could work on her. When she was sent back to District 12 Peeta was there, she needed someone to talk to. She never stopped loving Gale, she never stopped missing him eather and neather did he. The question 'Did you kill Prim' is still there no matter what, if they're apart or if they're together. If Katniss and Gale ended up together they could have some answers they needed.

I agree with Nya, it all depends on who reads it! Everyone has a different opinion!!

But Gale was more of a brother or a friend to Katniss. They were too much alike. Not enough kindness and caring to balance out the relationship if they would have gotten together.

People will say Katniss doesn't deserve Peeta, and she doesn't, truth is, no one does! Peeta is the most caring and loving kid you would ever meet. But he got what he wanted, which was Katniss, and he had wanted her for SO long, I think when she agreed to love him, it made him happy, balancing out the relationship. Katniss could never deserve Peeta, but Peeta wanted her, so when he got her, I was happy for both of them.

Gale could never live with Katniss, for the guilt eating him up, still in District 2, where he would be now. Agreeing with Jady, they would both be forever wondering what would have happened if Gale didn't invent the bomb. I guess Coin would have still found a way to kill Prim, but Coin figured if she could get Katniss to distrust Gale, she had won....

My opinion!!


I think the series ended just right. I wasn't on board with Peeta until the end. Gale and Katniss would be a self-destructive relationship, and there would always be that nagging question "Did you cause my sister's death?"

I don't do the "Team" thing because I think that is too twilight, and this series doesn't need to be demeaned like that. It's too good. And I like both Peeta and Gale. I think it ended the way it did, so that it was clear there was one choice, and just because one of the love interests doesn't get picked doesn't mean they have to weasel their way into the family through some other creepy way.

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their both great guys but I personally would have picked Gale he was always their! And I do not agree with angel below their is always happiness left in the world!

Although i didnt like peeta who was creepy borderline obsess with katniss, i understood her decision to be with him. Circumstance put her with peeta and move her away from gale. If she never went to the games twice i think her and gale would have been together but then there would have been no series either. the life or death sitiations bonded her with peeta. Whether it was true love, i think probably not, but being in those situations bonded them. And the struggles they woud go through afterward i think gale would not understand but peeta would. Katniss and peeta by the end of this series were screwed up mentally it would be hard for someone else to deal with a traumatize person

i think she picked the right person. like people are saying gale had fire and so did katniss. katniss needed someone who would always be there for her and help her during her hardest times. someone who really loved her (im not saying gale didnt!) and would help her get back up. Plus Peeta was sooo sweet and he deserved a happy ending !:) his entire family died and all he had left was Katniss. i was mad that gale left Katniss and he didnt exactly get a happy ending though!


well... yeah but there was no big choosing thing. Gale went away, and I would have preferred it if Katniss had just told Gale that she chose Peeta.

i think she shouldn't of ended up with either of them. The games ruined any chance she had for real happiness either way.

She definately should have picked Peeta. they've been through so much together.

I think she chose right, Ive read this book over 5 times and i couldnt think of why she chose Peeta, but he went through so much torture and pain and still loved Katniss. Gale was getting to involved with district 13's stuff and was sort of becoming bad, he didnt but he still was kind of cruel, so yeah, i think Katniss chose correctly! :D

I wanted Gale and Katniss to be together, i love Gale, he's awesome!

Hell to the yeah. Peeta and katniss were always going to end up together, that was evident as soon as he was chosen. I think that gale's 'love' for katniss was a load of bull. he didn't come out that he wanted her until peeta had stated in front of all panem that he loved her and they played it out in the arena. Gale simply didn't want anyone else to have her, thats not love thats possession. Peeta actually loved her obviously considering that even though he was hijacked he still found it in his heart to protect her and try to sacrifice himself. oh and he didn't kll her sister.

Beth You are right. There really was no competition for gale. Peeta never really did anything about his affections for her until they played it as a stateg ...more
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Amanda (Gale's Chosen One) Potter You can call Gale's love "possesion" but Katniss was the same. She did say "Gale is mine. I am his. Anything else is unthinkable".
But i do agree, Peet
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Yes she chose the right guy! Peeta is what she needed. Even when he was high jacked he saved her not once but twice and even till the end he was trying to keep her alive even if it was going to cost him his life.

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I'm depressed, first of all. I hated the whole abandonment thing between her and Gale. It leaves me feeling sad for the both of them.

In MockingJay, whenever she kissed Gale, I literally felt excited. I would be like "Yes! more Gale & Katniss action" but then it didn't really go anywhere.. And in the first book when she kissed Peeta I had the same impulsive reaction. In Catching Fire I was neutral.

But, I can say if Peeta's Happy. I'm Happy. He was more personable to me. & they seem to make a more realistic match.

Gale just struck me as sexy, and handsome and whenever he had an intimate scene with Katniss my libido went up a couple notches. But REALISTICALLY, Peeta was the best.

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why did gale have to leave katniss?:(

Nope. I think she should have picked Gale.

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