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message 1: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) .

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) what do you like to rp

message 3: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) fantasy,you?

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) i don't mind i like being a shapeshifter

message 5: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) ok

message 6: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) I'll be one too.

message 7: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ok are u good with a guy characcter

and do u do more than one character

message 8: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) not really,and only 1 character

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) I can do two i can make a female and a male

message 10: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) sure go ahead,so I'll make a female,ok?

message 11: by Sandra (last edited Feb 24, 2012 01:44PM) (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Name: Star
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: cheerful, loving, caring

message 12: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Name:Comet
Crush:None yet

message 13: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) want to start?

message 14: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) ....

message 15: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) hello?

message 16: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) sorry

Star was walking in a forest near her house.

message 17: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) (its ok)

Comet was walking on a path.

message 18: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((im moving and im doing it all.....and second i have no movers so im moving everything onmy own))

**fyi my character doesn't know anything about her shapeshifter ability yet.**

Star was near a riverfall with her brothers.

message 19: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) (aww sorry)

Comet turned into a tiger and walked.

message 20: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star was in the water swimming having fun.

message 21: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet smiled when she heared someone or some thing in the water.She went in the water.

message 22: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star took a deep breath and swim underwater.

message 23: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet saw something.

message 24: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) After 5 minutes she went up for a breather.

message 25: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((sorry for short post after awhile it get longer))

message 26: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) (its ok)

Comet walked over to a rock and sat.

message 27: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star swim to the rocks that her brothers where at.

message 28: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet turned human and talked to them.

message 29: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Name: Damien
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: shy, timid, loner, and smart
Powers: lightening, water, and fire
History: He is a shapeshifter and extra power but, hasn't realize his powers yet because, i haven't needing to use. So he is clueless on his power.

message 30: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Damien look at Comet and lower his head not seeing eye to eye.

Star look at Comet wondering where she came from.

message 31: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) "hello I'm Comet"

message 32: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star look at her curious on what kind of person she was friendly she answer, "Name is Star that is my brother Damien."

Damien jump and look away shyly and girlish.

message 33: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) "nice to meet you"

message 34: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Damien jump up and took of running and hide in the forest.

Star sigh and then look at Comet, "Where did you come from?"

message 35: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) "around the end of the forest"she smiled"is your brother ok?"

message 36: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star smile gently, "Put nicely his not scared of you his just very girly and very shy around other people."

message 37: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet nodded"ok"she sat down.

message 38: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Damien poke his head wondering what the girls where talking about.

Star look around, "Why are you in the forest alone?"

message 39: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) "don't know"

message 40: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((Tabby could you please make your post a bit longer please and thank you))

Star title her head, "You don't even plan where you are going?"

message 41: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) (sorry about that)

Comet smiled"nope I live here and there,well everywhere"she stood

message 42: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) (g2g seeya)

message 43: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) ((its ok i ttyl))

Star title head, "Live where how that isn't human like?"

message 44: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet nodded some then looked at some birds that flew by.

message 45: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star didn't understand this girl lifestyle at all. She look around thinking any way why this girl would live out on her own.

Damien look at the girls talking wanting to go already he doesn't like being near people especially somewhere that is very dangerous and alone.

message 46: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet walks past Star and into a lake.She smiles into the water"hello fishes"

message 47: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (goodreadscombloodyredeyes) Star title her head confused on why talking to fish.

Damien chuckle lightly it really look funny at his point of view.

message 48: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) Comet turned into a tiger and run out of the woods.She went into a cave.

message 49: by Tabitha (new)

Tabitha (tabby18) ?

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