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What will they mess up in the movie?
Christina Christina Feb 24, 2012 08:26AM
What do you think are some of the things they just won't get right in the movie??

From a picture I've seen, the Avox's were wearing red outfits, instead of white *gasp*! That's not a big one, but grrrrr...
The outfits
Citizens of the Capitol
The arena, all of the elements, mutts, cornucopia...
Details describing the characters, color of eyes, stature, etc.
The Hob
The Meadow
The story line, they are NOT including Madge, and cutting out some of the red head girls background already, but I saw in one picture, Peeta had the burnt bread, but he wasn't younger... How is that going to be incorporated????

But other than all that.... I REALLY hope it's going to be good. With all the interviews, it's looking promising, but I can only hope for the best


I can not wait to go see it

I really don't like that Madge isn't going to be in it. I guess Katniss originally gets the mockingjay pin for Prim before the reaping, then she gives it back to Katniss afterwards. Then when Rue dies she puts in on her body, at the end District 12 grants her a new one. Which I thought was stupid. And I seen how Peeta didn't look younger in that scene also. I have no clue how they are planning on doing the whole "boy with the bread" scene if he's not younger. But other than those things, I think the movie will still be good. Fingers crossed!

Beth I've seen a bit where he comes outside with the bread, throws it to the pigs and then looks at her holding the rest. Neither of them look younger. Bot ...more
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Everyone has different expectations for the movies, so I don't think everyone can be satisfied. I think that everything looks fabulous. Since Suzanne Collins played a big role in casting the movie, writing the script etc., I trust her judgement. I cannot wait--only, what? 30 or so days??? I'm so excited!

Suzanne Collins did contribute in writing the script so I guess it will me promising. I guess...

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I'm excited about it for sure but i have some serious reservations about it. its obviously not going to be perfect like i would prefer but as long as they stay as true to the characters and the story as possible, i really don't mind.

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