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Did anyone else think that Everything Ravaged was super out of place in the collection??

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Natalie E. Ramm I was a big fan of "Leopard" (the one about the little kid who pretends he's sick and stays home from school) and the one about the two brothers with a really messed up relationship.

But I really didn't like the one about the carnival (it was ALL OVER THE PLACE), and then Tower hits you with "Everything Ravaged" at the end and it's like the weirdest futuristic (I think?) story that doesn't fit at all with the other stories in the collection.

I did like the end of "Everything.." And I liked the "slice of life" nature of all of the stories. The last story (that the collection was named for) was just confusing.

Am I alone??

Deadbeatgrandpajoe I read it a few years ago so memory is a little fuzzy. I enjoyed the book, just thought the last story was out of place with the others

message 3: by Tod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tod It was definitely an odd duck, but probably my favorite out of the lot. Not futuristic at all, though! Just a viking tale with an anachronistic voice to it.

Alexander Absolutely. Would have made a great novel, though

Blake Out of place but only in the sense that it was the best story of them all by a mile. I agree with Tod above as well - it's not futuristic at all. It is a Viking story with a 21st century narrative voice.

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