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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen A. Wyle (kawyle) | 81 comments I'm chugging on ahead, revising my novel Reflections. The book is a family drama with mystery elements, set in an afterlife of my own devising. Possible tag line: "Death is what you make it." I'd thought of "Will you need courage in heaven?" -- but I don't know that I want to characterize this afterlife as heaven, exactly.

Any thoughts on whether any genre more specific than "general fiction" would apply?

message 2: by Alice (new)

Alice Sabo (alice_sabo) | 34 comments You might do better with going at it the other way - Is there a murder to be solved? If not, not a mystery. Is magic or similar fantastical elements important to the plot? If not, not fantasy. Ghosts, zombies or things that go bump in the night? If not, not horror.

Is there coming of age, heroes journey, or any other standard trope? You could use that for tags.

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