A Lion Among Men (The Wicked Years, #3) A Lion Among Men question

Is it worth reading? Is it skippable?
John John Feb 23, 2012 10:31PM
I'm reading some pretty mixed reviews on the book. I read Wicked, I read Son of a Witch, and I really want to get to Out of OZ so i can see how everything gets wrapped up, but Lion Among Men stands in my way.

Is it worth reading? A lot of people say it delivers very little new information. Should i just read a synopsis and skip to Out of OZ, or is it a necessary stepping stone on my journey down the Yellow Brick Road?

I liked it. Tells the origin of Yackle and is more than just Brrr's story.

Personally, while I found this to be the weakest of the "Wicked" books, I still enjoyed it quite a lot. Brrr is a major character in "Out of Oz" and while I don't think it's strictly essential to read "A Lion Among Men" to understand the last book, I think that there are enough references back to it that you might want to give it a go, plus I felt it better explained Brrr's actions in the final book to have seen parts of the story told through his eyes first. I would always advise reading a series as a whole, and while this approach is not for everyone, I might add that "A Lion Among Men" was quite an easy read, so if you don't end up liking it at least you didn't spend too much time on it. On the other hand, if you do get on with it OK it does add some extra background and character details to a reading of "Out of Oz".

Honestly I didn't want to read it either, but there is some really important stuff in it that you will need to understand if you want to read Out of Oz. It gets really boring in some places, but you will only need to read it once to understand anything in Out of Oz.

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If I had to do it over again, I would stop at two [Son of a Witch]. However, having read Lion Among Men, I've crossed a threshold that leads me to read Out of Oz. The problem with Lion Among Men is that it doesn't pick up where Son of a Witch left off. Specifically, we have two main characters left standing at the end of SoaW, and they don't really appear in LAM. LAM is the story of the Lion [and Yackle, and Nor]. The story of LAM is interesting [but inferior to both previous books], and doesn't really move the whole storyline forward. I think having written SoaW, Maguire realized that he missed a trick - he could have written a book about what happened to the Tin Man, one about what happened to the Lion [LAM] and one about the Scarecrow. Maybe he has the remaining two in mind.

This book in my opinion was the best in the series. The interactions between the lion and the old woman was a great read for me. Out of oz if i recall correctly didnt refer too much back to this book as it did for wicked and the son of the witch. But since the out of oz was so awful for me my memory might be shady lol. But like another person said lion of among men is an easy and quick read so give it a try

I loved the first two books but when I read this one I just kind of felt like I was skimming through so I could finish the series. Just eh.

It's definitely not essential to the overall plot. Out of Oz is amazing, and you should definitely read it. A Lion Among Men seems less like a narrative fiction and more like an academic essay hidden under the guise of fiction. It's very dry and political, and extremely slow-moving. That said, the character development is astounding. If you're interested in Brrr's background or Yackle, it's a great read. Brrr is such an interesting character that it's great to see how and why he ended up the way he did. You get a very good study of Oz as a society through Brrr's memories. It's a good book, and worth the read, but there's much less action and much more reflection.

Honestly, this was one of my favorite books in the series. I've always enjoyed the character of Brr and liked that there was a book following him. I do agree that he does become tough to like by the end!

skip it, I didn't finish it.

Hope this isn't a spoiler alert, but the book made me feel Oz can and may be eternal...

I would skip it. I personally found it to be a very boring and dry read. It took me forever to actually finish it. It was very political and I felt that it took away from the Oz series. I have not read Out of Oz yet but it is sitting on my bookshelf, I am excited to read this one and I haven't been this excited about a book in this series since Wicked.

Happy Reading :)

Chaosmomoiri Me too. It took me ages to finish this one. I thought I have lost interest in reading. But thanks, I am not :p
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Definitley worth reading, if only to know Yackle's origins. Brr becomes very unlikeable though!

It's worth trying, but if you hate it, then yes, it's skippable. Life's too short to read books you hate! You'd miss a few things but you'd figure them out once you got into Out of Oz anyway. A Lion Among Men doesn't forward the plot much, and Brrr is a terribly passive protagonist, but it's also the shortest of the bunch. And Yackle and Nor are good in it.

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