G.K. Beale's "A New Testament Biblical Theology" -- 2012 Reading Group discussion

Chapter 5 & 6 > Antichrist

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message 1: by Bob (new)

Bob Hayton (rjhayton) | 33 comments Mod
I saw Junior's comment on Beale's treatment of antichrist in 1 John and that pushed me to catch up on the reading. I finished the chapters and am really excited about all the ground we've already covered... with so much to go.

Anyone else have any thoughts on his discussion of the antichrist -- plural and singular, Danielic background, John's already/not yet fulfillment of this in his time?

message 2: by Craig (new)

Craig Hurst | 30 comments Mod
I think I agreed with most everything he said on pgs. 146-53. I think it is clearly referring to Daniel and that the antichtist has both singular and plural references.

Where some get into trouble today is trying to identify the singular final antichrist.

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