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Drew (purrfectly) Tina wandered into the room, yawning slightly. A kitten tumbled behind her, pouncing on shadows as it went. Tina paused slightly as she came to the doorway, as she took a deep breath. The kitten stared at the shadow of one of Tina's strands of hair, thinking that it had pinned it down.
"Anybody here?" Tina called, loudly, as she walked into the room.
Her kitten straightened as her shadow escaped from it's grasp, and darted forward to try to catch it, running straight into her feet.

"Ita! Are you okay?" Tina turned, a worried look on her face, and scooped the kitten - Ita - into her arms. Ita struggled slightly, but eventually gave in.

Tina turned back around to face the dorm "Hello?" she called again.

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Drew (purrfectly) Tina waited for a minute, and then decided that nobody was there. She sighed, and walked out, closing the door behind her.
"I guess I'll just go to the great hall. Maybe someone will be there. Good thing that I don't have classes yet, right?" she tickles Ita lovingly.
((Nobody was here! :())

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Natalie | 5 comments Jenna walked inside, set her bag down with a sigh and fell onto her bed.

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