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Does anyone else feel sad that the saga is almost over?
Natty Natty Feb 23, 2012 04:10PM
i recently saw breaking dawn for the 1st time and I think it was the best one out of all the movies, i loved it but i'm now dpressed cause the whole twilight thing is almost over I mean to all the people that didnt like twilight there going to be ecstatic but to all the fans how are you going to feel when the last movie comes out and thats the end of the serise/ twilight phenomenom?

Renesemee is a whole new breed of Vampire....pairing her with Jacob....would love to see a continuation there...a whole new series could happen.... would also love for SM to finish her books through Edwards eyes...

deleted member Feb 23, 2012 04:16PM   0 votes
im soo upset that it is nearly over! almost heart broken haha i used to be so obsessed with the series and i had posters all over my wall. most arguments with my brother were about twilight so i dont know what i will do without them haha xx

Diane you could always read fanfiction *nudge nudge* :D
Mar 13, 2012 02:42AM · flag

Yes, I am. Though it's not necessarily "the end".
It means things in the fandom will slow down, though I'm hoping that with the end of the movie there will be an influx of new readers and writers for the twilight fanfic fandom.

Yea Im pretty sad that the saga is done and Breaking Dawn P.1 was a good movie but they could have filmed Edward better... okay this sounds really bad but Edward looked too human!!! His skin was a normal colour and he just looked too regular!!!! ;P

No, i think it's about time. The acting isn't very good and it has ruin the book for me

I will be sad that this series is over. I'm hoping that Stephanie will continue the saga with the books although it looks like new movies would be out of the question with the break up of Rob and Kristen.

Angie Elle That and the fact that they're 'aging!' LOL ...more
Aug 03, 2012 12:20PM · flag

Not quite. Everything comes to an end. That's just how it is.

I'm sad twilight is near its end i only started liking it 2 years ago but i can't wait to watch part 2. i will probably cry when im in the cinema watching it.

Definitely not! I was sad when the books ended, but as for the movies I couldn't be happier they are almost over :D

Naw, I'm looking forward to it ending. The films anyway. I wouldn't complain if Meyer's continued the series, but please, they need to stop making movies of it because they generally suck.

it's not a trilogy..

yes, I will be sad, but I will have my best friend by my side to hold my hand :) When I finished reading the series i was like " awwh, its done :( " But I am truly amazed of how well this whole series has done. I mean the whole idea came from one of Stephanie's dreams! Hey, maybe I should dream a dream that makes me a millionaire..

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