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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 62 comments Mod
No one is saving the planet. They may saving some lives, animal, plant, insect, maybe some people, and their life style but not the planet. The dominant life form on the planet is microbial and handles the upkeep of the planet just fine, and has been doing so for 4 billion years. This includes bouts with giant ice ice ages, giant volcano outbursts, immense climate swings, complete re-arrangement of the continents. They do not have to support complex life, they only make the support structure for complex life too flourish. And there is no contract for how long the microbial system has to support complex life. Microbial life can exist without complex life forms but complex life forms can not exist with out microbial life.

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 62 comments Mod
Post the names of any books that have ideas for solving global problems or for making them worse. The ideas can be be strictly background or right up front. Remember that it is better to say global changes because the world has been changing everyday for 4 billion years. Global change is permanent. If you try to use words like global warming or global cooling or global whatever, you will fall into a word trap where the discussion will become useless. Once you select a particular global whatever, people will pick at it until there is nothing left. If you say the world is changing, such as the ice caps melting, without saying why, but going on to the consequences you can not be bogged down by disconnected facts. While people can argue that the ice caps are not melting, they can not ignore the cruise ships cruising the Artic waters.

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling | 62 comments Mod
And leave god out of it. With the advent of the global village where everyone is once again under the same roof and whatever you can see, you can now feel in real time, the question of monotheism is once again completely out the window. There are obviously many gods being worshiped on this planet. As long as god is personalized, prayed to, held accountable, whatever humanistic concepts given to god, this only insures one is at a level where there are multiple gods. Amoebas sit in the same pews and use the same god as people do and get along fine without prayer books. God is the action that makes life appear where ever it does. And that is widely across the known and unknown universes. You can not petition the lord with prayer, only yourself. The only intelligent design is the fact that if the chips are down, the cyanobacteria that make the oxygen for the complex life on this planet can switch over to a type of cyanobacteria, synechococcus, that grows in areas that are nutrient poor, skips the parts of photosynthesis that require intake of carbon dioxide. Instead it takes in oxygen to run the photosynthesis process and gives off other gasses, such as hydrogen, or methane, anything but oxygen. When the growing conditions improve the original oxygen producing cyanobacteria come back again.

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