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Would you stay or escape?

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Scarlett If you were the one who got 'kidnapped' or stuck on Maxfield Academy, would you try to runaway/escape or actually feel comfortable inside since it provides you education, food and shelter?
Well, if it was me. I'm just human and of course will be compelled to escape to my first few months (especially knowing people actually die unknowingly), but if you get used to it, I guess ... /Shrug.

Shannon Vanderhyde I think I would try to escape. Especially when consequences are given unexpectedly to arbitrary rules!

Lorena escape...I am not one to be oppressed

Nicole Sanglay Escape. Like Lorena, I'm not one to be oppressed, too. I hate being forced to do anything, and it's almost absolute that I will do the exact opposite.

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John It's all well and good to say that I would try to escape if I found myself in this situation, but everyone wants to cast themselves as the hero. That's part of the point of the book, I don't anyone reads it and says, "What is wrong with Benson? Why doesn't he just get with the program?"

That being said, when faced with the actual choice, I doubt it is quite as clear cut. For most people survival is going to be the primary motivator, but do you have a better chance of surviving by following the rules or trying to escape? If your nature is to protect others, should you escape and bring the authorities or stay to watch out for the others? Also, keep in mind that it didn't seem that any of the kids at the school had much to go back to. Would you still want to escape if this was where you found your first real friends?

I don't know what I would do. I like to think that my motives would be altruistic, but even then, I can't say how that would play out.

Bill Blume I have to agree with John. While I would like to think I would try to find a way to escape, I'm not so sure that's what would actually happen. That said, I do think I would be the type to nose around the place to find out how things really work. That is very much in my nature.

Isabelle I would like to think that I would escape, but I don't think I would...

Ezekiel Ho I would stay. I mean the people that goes in there are those without a family. So even if they do stay there all their lives, nobody is going to miss them and they would not miss their family members. There are free food and shelter and education as well and the way they describe the food in there I guess that it would taste decent not the kind of food we get served in school. Not only that, they have sports like Capture the Flag and all of that in the school so it's quite a good place to stay and the points system there is quite good, you don't need real money to buy things so although you are poor or something, you just work hard and you will can buy things you want. And finally, there are no adults in there to nag at you or scold you so this is pretty much awesome.
The only thing are the rules.

Lexie I would escape. After all the things that happened there. And Isaiah, gosh I'd escape before him...

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