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Sarah Here we are :)

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yay! thanks:)

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Sarah No probs :) SO what do you want to do?

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uhm... no clue... :)

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Sarah Well, I liked these:

Boarding School
Summer Camp

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ooooh runaway sounds fun!!!! :)

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Sarah OKay :) SO shall we have one or two charries each???

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Sarah OKay, so one boy one girl to make it fair. :)

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Name: Sky Williamson
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years old
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/23478635
Personality: A surprisingly insightful little boy, and old soul with a fascinating view on life.
Kin: Just his sister, they lived with their aunt after their mom died giving birth to him but she was cruel so they decided to run away

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Sarah Aww :) I'll start on my two.

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okay :)

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Name: Lili Williamson
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/23660298
Personality: A true dreamer, Lili loves everything about nature. She takes care of her little brother like he is her own son and has been forced to grow up too soon. She's very independent and super protective. but seams to see the best in everyone she meets.
Kin: Just her brother, they lived with their aunt after their mom died giving birth to him but she was cruel so they decided to run away

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Sarah Are we gonna have romance?

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sure :)
so maybe you could make a guy the same age as Lili?

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Sarah Yeah.

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Sarah Name: Will Kudrow
Age: 18
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/22352524/v...
Personality: tough, fearless, and street smart. He can be menacing to some people but deep down he has a good heart and can be protective of anyone he befriends.
Kin: a father. He ran away because his father was an alcoholic, abusive, and even did drugs.

Name: Penelope Young
Age: 12
Appearance: http://weheartit.com/entry/23658638
Personality: brave, quick, daring. She is suspicious of everyone and has trust issues, and she tries to distance herself from anyone because she can become attached easily.
Kin: none - her parents died in a house fire when she was only two. She survived because she was staying at her grandmothers house that night, but shortly after her grandmother passed away and Penelope was taken into care. She lived in a children's home up til now, but was bullied, and ran away.

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awesome! do you want to start?

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Sarah Um... Could you?

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Lili opened the window, flinching every time it creaked. She motioned silently to her brother, Sky, and he handed her a duffle bag. She tossed it out the window and it made a dull thump as it hit the ground. Then she pulled up her hood and bent over so that Sky could crawl onto her back. He hooked his feet under her armpits and circled his arms around her neck, holding on tightly.
Slowly and carefully, Lili crawled out onto the window sill and grabbed hold of the gutter, climbing down as stealthily as possible. She jumped down the last few feet and Sky let out a small yelp of surprise, but was quickly silenced. And with that, Lili picked up her bag and they set off, on their way to freedom.

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Sarah Will was running, sprinting, racing down the street. The orange street lamps flickered and rain fell onto his head, his breath rising in white mist before him as he panted. He had been running for around an hour, trying to put as much distance as he could between him and his old home.

Penelope was curled up on a park bench, shivering and drawing her jacket tighter around her to keep warm. She clutched her backpack anxiously, her brown eyesflickering around the dark park, her lap trembling. She had ran away a few hours ago, and had ran with all her might, until she reached the park. She had climbed over the gate and decided to stay here.

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Sky shivered against Lili's back, the rain had soaked through both their cloths but neither said a word. Any other three year old would be wining and bawling, but Sky had endured plenty worse things then a wet shirt. Still, Lili was worried, she knew they would have to stop and rest soon, she couldn't carry him forever. And so she turned down the street and hailed a taxi, she could spare a bit of change for a ride, and then they would be far enough away that she wouldn't have to worry too much.
As they climbed on, the driver asked where she was headed.
"Uh, my grandmother's house, but can just drop me off at the park on the corner of Lilac and Othello, she'll pick us up there." it was a lie and the driver knew it, but he just nodded and drove off.
Lili leaned back and closed her eyes blissfully, they were finally getting out of there.

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Sarah Will doubled up, panting heavily, and sat down on a wet slippery wall, the rain now pelting him. He ran a hand over his soaking face, and glared at a guy who gave him a funny look as he passed him. He then decided to start walking again, towards a shop where he could get some food, he hadn't eaten all day.

Penelope soon fell into a deep sleep, still shivering as she dreamed. She lay untidily on the wet wood of the bench, shifting uncomfortably.

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As they entered the park and searched for somewhere to sleep, Lili spotted a young girl laying on a park bench. She looked about 12 and had long brown hair that fell limp across the bench. The girl shivered and Lili knew that she couldn't just leave her there to fend for herself. So she walked over and lay her coat down beneath the park bench. It was surprisingly dry and she took Sky off her back and lay him down atop the coat. His eyes were closed and there was a trace of a smile on his lips. Lili watched him sleep blissfully,and then she took a blanket from her bag and lay it across the girl laying atop the bench.
Lili sat down at the girl's feet and, using her bag as a pillow, she rested her head on the back of the seat and closed her eyes, but she couldn't sleep. She looked up at the sky, remembering happier times when her mother was alive.

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Sarah There wasnt a shop in sight for Will. His stomach grumbled, but he trudged on, dragging his feet along in the rain. He yawned continuously, until he reached the gates of a large, dark and silent park.
He climbed over the low fence easily, then began to walk drowsily around, birds hooting echoing throughout the trees.

Penelope began to moan in her sleep, rolling over restlessly. Her sleep was haunted by terrible visions of her parents burning to death, things she had imagined. She then began to sob uncontrollably, half awake, half asleep.

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Lili was asleep. dreaming of better days, when the sound of someone moaning jerked her awake. She glanced about to see the younger girl sleeping restlessly, crying out in fear and sorrow. Lili sprung into action, shaking the girl gently, trying to wake her.

Sky shifted in his sleep, sensing someone approaching. It wasn't the girl above him, it was something-or someone-else. Sky slowly opened his eyes and stared out into the darkness, listening for footsteps.

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Sarah Penelope jerked awake, her face damp with tears. She remembered the dream, and sniffed, shaking violently. She became alarmed as she felt someone shaking her, but she couldn't see in the dark. "Please, don't hurt me," she whimpered.

Will froze as he heard crying, and whining. His eyes widened, and listened through the sounds of the rain to a voice, of a girl or child. He began to walk towards the noise, wanting to help.

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Lili reached over to place a reassuring hand on the girl's shoulder but hesitated, then whispered, "It's okay honey, it's all gonna be alright." She pulled the younger girl close, she reminded her of herself when she was younger and the pure and utter hopelessness that had filled her.

Sky heard the footsteps approaching and crept out from under the bench, sitting beside the two girls. He whispered to his sister, "someone's coming."

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Sarah Penelope began to sob, shaking unconfrolably and trying to wipe away her tears. She felt embarrassed, but sensed there was something comforting about this girl. She held onto her.

Will sped up as the sounds got closer. He reached an area where benches were scattered everywhere. The crying was terribly loud now, and he could make out in the dark some figures a few metres away.
"Hello?" he called, "are you okay?"

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As Lili continued to comfort the girl she whispered to Sky, "Go see who it is." and with that Sky hurried off.

Sky practically ran into the older boy and tugged on his hand, "this way." and with that, Sky led Will over to the bench.

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Sarah Penelope suddenly stopped sobbing. "What's going on?" she whispered fearfully.

Will stared down in the darkness, and began to freak out. What the hell? What was dragging him?
"Hello?" he said uncertainly.

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Lili smiled up at Will, "Hello." she said softly, then quickly turned back to the younger girl. "Shhh... it's alright." she whispered.

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Sarah Will squinted in the dark, and saw two girls below him. "What's wrong?" he mumbled, focusing on the girl who was shaking.

Penelope just shook her head fearfully.

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"I found her on the bench." Lili said, "She was having a nightmare." She pushed a wet strand of hair out of her face and looked up at the boy.

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Sarah ((Whoops! Sorry!))

Will squinted at them and nodded. "Oh. Um, do you need any help?"

Penolope started to hiccup, shaking.

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((its okay! :) ))
"uh, do you have a blanket or anything?" Lili asked

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Sarah Will shook his head silently with a sigh. "I have a jacket," he suggested.

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Lili nodded, "Anything to keep her warm." she replied

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Sarah He nodded and took it off quickly, handing it over gingerly.

Penelope kept her eyes on him, shivering.

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Lili wrapped the jacket around the girl and then turned to the boy, "Can you watch him?" she asked, nodding to her younger brother.

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Sarah Will nodded and sat down on the ground. "Sure."

Penelope sniffed, cuddling into the warm jacket and closing her eyes automatically.

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Sky sat down beside the boy and looked up at him with his big, blue eyes, "Who are you?" he asked

Lili continued to hold the girl, rocking back and forth.

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Sarah "My name is Will," he replied in a gentle voice, "What's your name, little guy?"

Penelope sniffed, feeling grateful to the girl. And the boy who gave his jacket up.

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"Sky." he whispered, "and my sister is Lili."

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Sarah ((Sorry))

"Okay," Will nodded and patted his head. "How about you get some sleep?"

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Sky looked up at the boy and shook his head, "No thank you." he replied calmly

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