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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments ((OK, so here, the nations have a party at gakuen hetalia, where they all have a giant party to celebrate the school year. They all hang up their flags, and they can play whatever instrument, and do what they want! Though they must be in school uniform. Got inspired by this: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ln2...))

Madagascar smiled. She was playing a guitar, and her jeans, school shirt and cardigan were on, including her combat boots.

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Cape Verde was grinning and laughing, she was sitting down, or the cello would kill her. She played with enthusiasm and gracefulness. Shutting her eyes, she played with fluid movements. It was so perfect, so beautiful, so lovely.

Portugal was playing the cavaquinho with a smile on his tanned face. He played expertly, like he was never that lovable pervert everyone thought he was.

Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments ((O-K...))

Madagascar began to sing who says by Selena Gomez.

Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar smiled. Man, this was the best day yet. The whole school was partying. Yeah. She loved it.

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Cape Verde shut her eyes and smiled.

Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar smiled. She wished this day would never end.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments London was sitting behind her drum set at felt at home while she held the drumsticks.and started jamming along with the tune,
Lithuania looked very proud chiming in with triangle every now and again

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Cape Verde twirled her cello and kept on playing.

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Satsumas Denmark ran over to London, electric guitar on his back, and put his arm around her, grinning. "Hey there girl!!! Wassup? Still chilling there on the drums? I'd play with you all, but no-one seems to appreciate the music I play." He pouted, pulling his school shirt up and pointed to the Metallica shirt underneath. "Gotta listen to music from your own country every now then then, eh?"

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Hahaha" London laughs unzipping her jacket to reveal an identical Metallica shirt on underneath.
"What you up for playing? I think Spain knows how to rock out on bass if you wanna ask him?" She twirls her drumstick round her fingers like a pro

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Satsumas "Woah, I love it!!" Denmark exclaimed, his expression as bright as ever. "And I might... I want to play something more heavy then this... Much more heavy." he sighed. "I mean I tried to convince Norway to play too, but he plays the saxophone thing, and said he doesn't even really feel like playing it right now." he said with a sigh, looking over to Norway who was watching quietly from the sidelines, playing with his Sax but not really making any noise.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Same this isn't really my type but I thought I'd play to the beat since I had nothing else to do" She shrugs
"It looks like Lithuania has joined him with his triangle" London smiles looking over to the two together. She turns back to denmark
"what do you have in mind?" London asks tapping her drumstick against her leg

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Orc (orcgoth) "SISS'AAAHH!!!! LEGOS!!!" essex tryed to get thru the door, half carrying, half dragging a keyboard behind her

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Satsumas "I dunno! One sec, lemmi grab my amp so I can- ah, Essex!! Do you need any help with that?" Denmark asked, running over to her, and putting him hands out as a gesture to take it. "Hey Spain, what kinda music do you like?" he called out to him

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Orc (orcgoth) "aye, i woulda tryed to levitate it, but uh, thats 'ow i broke the last one" essex laughed

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Hey sis, what's up? You wanna join our rock out?" London asks from behind her drums.
Spain sitting on a chair a few away from Norway tuning his bass looks up at denmark
"Ummm anything with a decent tune that I can play to" he gestures his head at Denmarks top "I love Metalloca if that's what you mean" he plucks all the strings and listens and is content with his tuning and gets up to join London on stage.
She nods at him stiffly and he raises his eyebrows in acknowledgement

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Orc (orcgoth) "hell yeah, thats y im here!"

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Satsumas Denmark grinned, ruffling Spain's hair. "Great!! Lemmi just set this up then..." He said, turning on the amp and plugged his guitar in, and when he took a strum, it echoed ridiculously loudly throughout the hall, overpowering everyone else. "...... I dunno, is that loud enough?" he asked, messing around with the effects panel on the amp...

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Orc (orcgoth) "YEAH!" essex yelled over it, as she set up her keyboard

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "hey, hombre don't touch el pelo." he warns, he plugs in the bass and plays tunelessly
"Ummm Denmark I reckon it's too loud I think we'll piss everyone off." London comments looking around at everyone.

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Orc (orcgoth) "im fine with it, JUST NO LOUDER!!!"

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar played her guitar. It was so amazing, this day.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland comes shouting intk the room
'yer wee bastards yew, startin' without t' old buggah! Yer should b' shamed a yerselves!" He has his bagpipes in toe as runs towards the stage
London goes but red and she face palms her hand.
"Urghh Uncle isn't supposed to be here he's not even a bloody student. Why is he always so embarrassing?"
Spain just looks at her and laughs, she gives him a dirty look

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar didn't look amused. "What the bloody f*ck..." She murmured.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Yer heard meh, yer bloodeh bastard yooo, yer goat sumen t' say t' meh, yer can say it t' meh face!" He shouts poking a finger at madagascar.

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments "Um... WHAT DID HE FLIPPIN' SAY?!" Madagascar yelled, not being able to understand scottish accents.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Yer heard meh yeh bastard!" He jabs his finger at her again and narrowed his eyes.
At the moment London came between them and broke them up.
"Uncle why don't ya go and play your bagpipes quietly over there, so as to not disturb anyone and no one will disturb you?" She asks hopefully Spain comes up behind her just in case her crazy uncle starts swinging at her like he is known to do.
"Er fuk off yuh wee lass yooo, this mat'r doesny concern yeh." He scowls at London and she scowls right back.
"Oh don't be such a grumpy old git!"
Scotland scowls at her but goes back to staring at madagascar

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments America came in, and saw Scotland staring at Madagascar. "Dude, why are you staring at her?" He asked. He had a crush on Madagascar.

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Satsumas ((Omfg sorry I am crying with laughter- Scotland confirmed for best character))

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland turns around and see America he scowls at him as well
"Get ter fuk out yer pretty boy yooo, she is picken a fight wit meh." Scotland glares at America, someone which he partocularly loathes for his good looks and (in scotlands opinion) arrogance.
London face palms her forehead again letting out a huge sigh.

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments ((I know! He's so LOLing! XD))

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments ((heehee I'm glad I decided to make him ^.^))

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Satsumas Denmark laughed a little at everyoners reactions to the noise, but was suddenly more interested in the Scottish man who had just burst in. He paused for a moment, staring at him, before bursting out laughing. "Oh my god!! What is he wearing!! And what is up with that accent!?! Hey, old man, who are you??" he asking, trying to talk properly through his laughter. Norway's looked down, embarrassed by Denmark's reaction to the newcomer. "Stop being so rude, idiot." he said to him, but sighed as the Dane completely ignored him

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland turned wide eyed to denmark.
" 'ter fuk yeh say ta meh yeh prick! Bloodeh wee Danish bastard yoo, I'll rip yer bloodeh head off fer yer insolance yoo" He runs toward denmark in a fit of rage

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Carla wrote: "Scotland turns around and see America he scowls at him as well
"Get ter fuk out yer pretty boy yooo, she is picken a fight wit meh." Scotland glares at America, someone which he partocularly loathe..."

America didn't look suprised, but just laughed. "Hah! He hero is more mighty than you, Scotland!"

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Satsumas Denmark barely caught a word of Scotland's rant, instead just finding the way he talked and his anger absolutely hilarious. "Ahahaha!! I- woah, calm down there, old man!!" he exclaimed, holding his hands out in front of him. "Don't wanna get your skirt in a twist now, do ya?"

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland didn't hear America as he rugby tackles denmark to the floor.
London massages her forehead with her fingers with her eyes closed pretending none of this is happening.
Spain quickly runs over to train and get scotland off of denmark

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar took a spike less mace out, and whacked Scotland on the back of his head so hard, it could knock anyone out.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland fell to the floor unconscious thumb in mouth snoring.
Spain stops rushing towards them and just looks at the old man shaking his head he sighs.
"Well at least he's asleep. Wanna help me move him off stage?" Spain asks

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Satsumas ((Poor Scotland, he's been knocked out twice in the past few minutes, ahaha!!))

Denmark fell the the floor with Scotland on top of him, but didn't see it as a threat at all, still laughing the whole time. "Hey old-timer, calm down there! You don't wanna get hu-" he then stopped as Scotland was hit straight on the head with the mace from Madagascar, and Denmark looked up to her, not entirely sure what to say. "I, uhh... Well thanks for the help, but I could have dealt with him myself- i mean, look at the size of me!" he said with a grin as he stood up, hands on hips.

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments ((I know! Scotland is knocked out!))

"But still... he could have gone more mad." Madagascar said. She kicked Scotland away. "But oh well." She said.

America ran to Madagascar. "Mags, you okay?"

"Yeah." Madagascar said. "Don't worry, he'll be out for 24 hours."

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Satsumas Denmark rubbed his head a little, looking at the man on the floor and laughed a little. "I dunno about that- he's definitely full of energy, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was up sooner..." he turned round to Norway, and waved to him, but the Norwegian turned away, being sure to look in any direction other then his. "Idiot..." Norway mumbled...

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments "Well... what matters is that a middle age old man does not kill anyone here." America said. "Dude, he's seriously crazy!" He said.

Madagascar nodded in agreement. She took her vahilla out. She put her guitar back in it's case. "Scotland is a bit mad, I have to admit."

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Spain started carrying Scotland out by dragging his legs but Scotlands kilt came up and gave spain a fright and he dropped his legs quickly
"Jesus christo! Why can't he waer some underwear!?! That was not something I needed to see!!" Spain starts rubbing his eyes wishing he could unsee the horrors of what he just witnessed.
London was in fits of laughter

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Madagascar laughed at Spain, along with America.

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Satsumas Denmark was suddenly laughing again with London, trying not to fall on the floor through laughing too much. "Oh my God! And... Ahaha.... That man is related to you???" he asked her, tears in his eyes

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments "Haha very funny, is someone gonna help me move him? Preferably by dragging him by his upperbody. Por favour?" Spain asks desperately.
At this point London was rolling on the floor with laughter

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Sa-Human rights! | 2181 comments Galapagos went to help Spain. Her uncle really needed help. She dragged Scotland by the upper body.

Madagascar almost fell down, but America helped her up. "Woah! The hero will keep you stable!" He said, still laughing.

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Carla (wiseandcynical) | 287 comments Scotland started to stir in his sleep. " 'ter fuk yer lookin' at yer wee bloodeh barstard yooo!"
Spain and Galapogos dropped him in fright and waited until he was still again

London turned to denmark wiping the tears from her eyes
"Unfortunately. He is so embarassing sometimes and it's horrible to be around him most of the time. But sometimes all you can is laugh" she giggled

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