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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve Merrick (stevesevilempire) | 12 comments This is one os my favorite games ever, you play as Jade a photojournalist on the planet Hilly's. Putting aside my occupation as a photojournalist, and my hobby of writing sci fi, this game has some massive advantages over many later games. One its suitable for all age groups. Two its beautifully crafted by an eccentric imagination, three it has a really emotive and catchy story to play through. Four Its just gorgeous.

I played this one with my son when he was six, we both still love it 7 years later, it has a bit of everything in there for you including a lot of freeroaming. And for all those stealth freaks out there, come back and tell me how good metal gear etc is after you have played this. Absorbing great fun for any age group and a blinding bit of science fiction.

I gave it 5 stars but it deserves a hundred!!!!!

message 2: by Candiss (new)

Candiss (tantara) I love this game, too! It looked great in its time, and even though graphics have caught up to it now, I think it still holds up well. The story is unusual, the heroine is sensible, the world is well fleshed-out, and the gameplay is tight. It's definitely on my personal top games of all time list.

According to : Wikipedia, a sequel is in active development. Of course, it will be for a newer console, and it may end up vaporware, but it's still an exciting prospect!

message 3: by Steve (new)

Steve Merrick (stevesevilempire) | 12 comments Hi Candiss,

Be prepared to weep, the sequel has been completed according to some industry insiders, but has been put on the shelf by the promoters, If you look at you tube there are promo vids and some examples of gameplay......


Considering how linear the gaming world has gotten we need more games like this.


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