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Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth
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Non Anglican Authors > Chap. 3 "The Discipline of Prayer"

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Karen L. When anyone has thoughts on Chapter 3, post them here. If anyone reads further and is on chappter 4, go ahead and start a topic for that.


Karen L. " For all these, and all those who have braved the depths of the interior life, to breathe was to pray." page 34

Yes, yes, yes! I want that to be how I walk with the Lord always. I want to be in the habit of praying throughout the day and more so, walk in a spirit of prayer. I have days like this where I really need God's grace and I walk around the house doing the home schooling, crisis counceling, the house work and the errands, all while firing up arrows of prayer. Our neighborhood is VERY urban and raw, with shootings and drug crime nearby. I just can not get by on stressful days without walking around praying. Sometimes my kids will laugh, cause I forget that I am praying, and actually start to talk aloud to the Lord-LOL! BUT, I have quiet calm days, when I let myself get distracted by a book, or wasting time and I don't pray. I want to have the habit of praying each day throughout, whether I am facing a trial or not.

Karen L. Elaine,feel free to post any questions from this chapter's study guide questions.

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