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message 1: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian turns to Nina. "Maybe... maybe its a.... Aha! Maybe it's a random tile that we step on." Fabian puts his hand on Nina's shoulder. "Look!" he exclaims, pointing at the floor. "Animals! D'you want me to try?"

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina looked at the tile, and then at Fabian. "So there is a paticular pattern we need to follow? Yeah, you can try to find it, but be careful. We don't know what will happen if you mess up."

message 3: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian half-smiled, the way Nina acted almost made it seem like she liked him. But then she said 'We don't know what will happen if you mess up...'

Fabian shrugged. "I'll try the duck, the horse and the ... the bear!"

message 4: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber watched nervously. She didn't know what would happen if Fabian messed but she was positive that it wouldn't be good.
"Nina, do you want to go next?" she asked, hoping that Nina would say yes.

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drew (drewbeck) Fabian gulped and tentatively stepped on the duck. He hopped over to the horse, and then leaped halfway across the animals to step on the bear. "Got it! Now, to the e--" Fabian cut off at a weird rock-against-rock crunching noise. "Huh?" Fabian asked, confused. Fabian moved his feet, so his left foot was on a "frog" and his right foot was on a "deer".

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina let out a scream, and clutched onto to Amber's shoulder. "Fabian come back! Come back, now!!"

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "Fabian! Hurry! Just come back; don't worry about the animals!" Amber yelled. Then, she turned to Nina.
"Nina! Nina! You're wrinkling my cardigan!" she said. Then, she turned back to Fabian.
"Hurry, Fabian! hurry!"

message 8: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian looked up to see a large, concrete-looking wall coming down towards him. "Oh no!" he called, biting his lip. Judging by the distance and the speed of the wall, he should have enough time to get back to Nina and Amber. Fabian ducked his head, and raced towards Nina and Amber. "I'm okay!" he grinned sheepishly. "So.. you must press the animals in a correct sequence? What's the sequence, though? Nina? Any ideas?" Fabian was replaying Nina's response to him almost being crushed over and over again in his mind. Come back. She would really care if something happened to me. Wonder if she was just doing it for the sake of this task, though.. Hmm...She was still worried. Fabian grinned, flashing pearly white teeth.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Oh I am so sorry!" She said to amber, smoothing out her cardigan. She ran up and hugged Fabian, "I was so worried about you....oh..I mean.....Amber and I were were so worried about you. Right Amber?"

message 10: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "I don't know about you, but I think my cardigan was going through the exact same thing as Fabian." Amber said. "But yes, Fabian. I was SO worried."

message 11: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian grinned, and hugged Nina. "Thanks, Nina. Thanks, Amber."

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "We better come back later tonight, victor will be wondering where we are." Nina said sighing. "I wish the tasks where easier, I'm afriaid we'll never get the mask." Nina said, wiping away the tears that sprung to her eyes.

message 13: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian smiled at Nina. "It's okay. We will find the mask. But, I have a question. Have you figured out what Senkhara means by the timepiece?" Fabian asked Nina, genuinely worried. He still hadn't let go of Nina (from the hug). Fabian blushed, and slowly let go of Nina. "Has anyone seen Joy lately? When we get back upstairs, I have to ask her something."

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina immediatly felt her face turn read, when Fabian mentioned Joy, "No, I don't know what she meant! And, I may never know! Come on Amber, let's go back to the room!" Nina yelled tears streaming down her face, because of not being able to get across the path, and because Fabian needing to talk to Joy.

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drew (drewbeck) Fabian blinked at Nina's response, confused. Was it because he mentioned Joy? Fabian laughed. He would never look at Joy the way he looks at Nina. He just needed Joy's advice about what to get Nina. "Wait! Nina!" He called after.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina stopped and marched over to Fabian, "Why are you laughing at me?" she said angry. "Amber I really need to get back to our rooms, because we don't have any more time to do this stupid task!" she said trying to hold back more tears.

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Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber put her hand on Nina's shoulder.
"You go ahead, Nina. I'll be right behind you." she said. After Nina was gone, Amber hit Fabian.
"Nice job! Look what you've done now!" she yelled.

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drew (drewbeck) Fabian blinked. Nina thought he was laughing at her?! He would never do that. Fabian turned to Amber. "What?! I wasn't laughing at her. I was laughing at the fact that she thinks that Joy and I will end up together!"

message 19: by Abigail the Fangirl (last edited Mar 05, 2012 06:02AM) (new)

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina stood close by listening to the whole conversation. She quietly started to walk back to the exit, but she fell, and made a big loud smack. "Oh great!" she mumbled. She had blood dripping down her leg, and not only did it hurt, but she was wearing Amber's pants, because all of hers where dirty, and Amber wouldn't be too happy that she got blood all over them.

message 20: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (last edited Mar 05, 2012 06:12AM) (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber's heart stopped.
"Did you hear that?" she asked, her eyes widening. There had been a sound coming from the exit.

message 21: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian's heart plummeted to the ground. "Wha-wha-what was that?" he stuttered, hoping it wasn't Nina. "You don't think it was...." he didn't finish his sentence, for he had bolted towards the exit. "NINA? NINA?" he called frantically.

message 22: by Abigail the Fangirl (last edited Mar 05, 2012 02:09PM) (new)

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Ow!Ow!Ow!" Nina said looking at her knee. "Stupid me!" She said wincing.She tried to get up, but just fell right back down, and then Fabian and Amber walked in.

message 23: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) ((ABBY! HII!!!))

Fabian's eyes widened, and her raced to help Nina up. "Are you okay?" He inquired, pushing a lock of hair out of Nina's face.

message 24: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber shoved Fabian. She wasn't through talking to him and he shouldn't have even been thinking about touching Nina after he had made her cry like that.
"Nina! What did you do?" she asked.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina took in a shaky breath, "I fell. I am the most clumsy girl I know. I think I really hurt my knee." She said her eyes watering.

message 26: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian stepped back, letting Amber take his spot. "Nina!" he exclaimed. "You are not clumsy! And, do you want me to take you to the nurse?"

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina got up unsteadily, and stood on one leg, "Yeah. Ow Ow Ow! What should I tell the nurse what happened to me?" Nina asked Fabian and Amber.

message 28: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian bit his lip, thinking. "Maybe that you were... walking outside, and you tripped on some gravel, fell, and scraped your knee on the gravel path."

message 29: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "It's alright, Fabian. I can take Nina to the nurse. Why don't you go find Joy?" Amber said, sarcastically. Amber helped Nina to the bookcase. Once they were both on the other side, she pressed the button to open the entrance to the cellar. Amber looked around.
"No sign of Victor... Come on!" she said.

message 30: by Abigail the Fangirl (last edited Mar 07, 2012 06:42AM) (new)

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Okay, but I can't go very fast." Nina said one arm around Amber's shoulder, and limping on the other. "I wonder what Fabian is going to talk to Joy about," Nina said hotly

message 31: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "Don't worry, Nina. I'm sure that he's not going to ask her out or anything like that. But it did kind of sound like it...Oops. Sorry!" Amber said. She helped Nina.
"Can you crawl?"

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Ah, Amber! I'll look silly if I crawl! It's just a little bit farther. Use those muscles that you have from carrying so many shopping bags, and do you really think he'll ask her out?" Nina said trying not to act too upset.

message 33: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "Oh, Nina. If Fabian wants a girl like Joy, then he's not worth it. But they don't seem too couply though..." Amber said. She opened the cellar door and helped Nina out. She didn't bother to see where Fabian was or if he was following them.

message 34: by Abigail the Fangirl (last edited Mar 07, 2012 06:34PM) (new)

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Yeah that's true." Nina said. Amber and Nina made it to the nurse, and the nurse wrapped up her knee. "So what do you want to do now?" Nina asked.

message 35: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian trailed behind them, until they left the cellar. He frowned. They really thought he was going to ask Joy out?! Fabian shuddered at the thought, but raced upstairs to Joy's room and knocked twice on the door. (Knock knockknock knock knock knockknock) "Joy?" he called.

message 36: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "Well, you need to see a nurse. Vera? Maybe?" she asked.
((they don't know that Vera's evil yet, right?))

message 37: by Kyrah (new)

Kyrah "Yes Fabian" Joy answered, her heart drumming as she heard Fabian's voice.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) Nina nodded, "Yeah, I guess Vera could help...but wait, I am sort of curious to see what Fabian is saying to Joy."

message 39: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "Nina, as much as I'd love to hear, we need to get you to the nurse. Besides, you couldn't get up those stairs. I'll go eavesdrop for you. Alright?" Amber suggested.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Alright," Nina said. "Promise you'll tell me everything, alright?" Nina asked.

message 41: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments "I promise Nina. I'll personally beat up Fabian for you if he does ask her out." Amber promised. She sat Nina down on the couch and rushed upstairs, quietly. She saw Fabian and Joy talking and hid behind the wall, listening to them.

message 42: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Kyrah wrote: ""Yes Fabian" Joy answered, her heart drumming as she heard Fabian's voice."

Fabian smiled. "Joy.. I have a question for you. I like this girl, and I think she likes me, but I'm not sure. And we are the best of friends. I don't want to ruin our friendship by asking her, but, I want it to be a bit more. Should I ask her out?"

message 43: by Kyrah (last edited Mar 09, 2012 11:32AM) (new)

Kyrah Joy's face brightened as she heard the description of the girl. It was her."Sure you should" Joy said grinning from ear to ear.

message 44: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (last edited Mar 09, 2012 11:48AM) (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber listened, confused. She wondered if Fabian was talking about Nina or Joy.

message 45: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Kyrah wrote: "Joy's face brightened as she heard the description of the girl. It was her."Sure you should" Joy said grinning from ear to ear."

Fabian smiled at Joy. "Okay! Should I ask her when I next see her, or wait?"

message 46: by Kyrah (new)

Kyrah "You should ask her when you next see her" Joy said.

message 47: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian grinned. "Gee, Joy, thanks a bunch!" Fabian gave Joy a hug and got up to leave. "When I next see Nina, I'll ask her!"

message 48: by Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (new)

Sɑnɗrɑ☼ (forever35555) | 282 comments Amber grinned.
"YES!" she said. Then, she heard Fabian coming, so she headed down the stairs quickly and sat down next to Nina.

message 49: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) Fabian stepped outside and raced down the stairs. "Nina!" he called, panting.

Abigail the Fangirl (abigailgrace15) "Great, I hear Fabian. I don't think I'm ready to talk to him yet. Will you tell him, tell him I went to help Vera at with the cupcakes." Nina said getting up from the bed. She opened the door and ran downstairs.

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