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What is different about this book?

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Kåiłeē What is it about this book that makes it different from any other book you have read? Is it the concept? Characters? Action? Write what you believe makes this book unique!

Kåiłeē I Absolutely agree. I think she tells us these things without being too gruesome. It makes it more of a kid friendly book, but that isn't a bad thing.

Annabel ♥ Casey wrote: "The fact that Suzanne Collins was unafraid to talk about the things that scare us, such as tyrannical control.
She was also willing to bring up painful topics (what was done to the Victors of the H..."

that's exactly what I think

Kåiłeē very true! Does anyone think that Suzanne had the plot moving at a pretty good rate? I believe so.

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