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Whitney K.E. (whitneyk-e) | 10 comments Mod
This is for authors to advertise their books. Please do share them or if you have written more than a few, just leave your name and a few of your lastest/best works.

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Peter Murphy (peter_murphy) | 7 comments Lagan Love by Peter Murphy
The sea of love is a raging, rolling tidal wave. On the surface it appears calm reigns, but the slightest shift in the foundation, the echo of a glimmer of a crack and the waters are sent churning - building into a storm all its own. Peter Murphy brings readers an undeniably evocative and captivating novel of blazing love, simmering scandal and seductive Irish imagery in his debut, Lagan Love. Murphy shares his take on the muses, which elements he believes are vital to a story and whether or not he believes all dreams have cost. Charming, unique and poignant, Lagan Love is a novel not to be missed.

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Whitney K.E. (whitneyk-e) | 10 comments Mod
Thank you, Peter. That sounds great! :)

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Lorna Peel (lornapeel) | 3 comments Hi I'm Lorna and I live in Ireland. My debut contemporary romance Only You has quite a few Irish elements in it.

Only You by Lorna Peel

Jane Hollinger is single, divorced, and the wrong side of thirty – as she puts it. Her friends are pressuring her to dive back into London’s dating pool, but she’s content with her quiet life as a genealogy teacher.
Robert Armstrong is every woman’s fantasy: handsome, charming, rich and famous. When he asks her to meet him, she convinces herself it’s because he needs her help with a mystery in his family tree. Soon she realizes he’s interested in more than her genealogical expertise. Now the paparazzi want a piece of Jane too.
Can Jane handle living — and loving — in the spotlight?

Jane’s favorite novel is an historical called The Hunger set in Ireland at the time of the Great Famine of the 1840s. She knows the period inside out - having studied it at university - and she is of Irish descent through her mother, whose family left the west of Ireland during the Famine.

Jane has always pictured Robert as the main character, Mr. Rowley the landlord, and can’t quite believe it when he lands the leading role in an epic TV adaptation. She helps him with background research for the role but can’t help but worry as she sits down to watch it. What if the adaptation is awful? What if Robert as Rowley isn’t how she imagined him to be? What if she can never read the novel again? You’ll have to read Only You to find out what her reaction is!

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JoAnn Ross (joannross) | 9 comments What a great group! My grandparents were from Ireland, my parents second generation Irish, so I always feel as if I'm coming home when I set books there. I wrote an Irish trilogy for Mira and Pocket Books: A Woman's Heart (which won RT's best contemporary romance of the year), Fair Haven, and Legends Lake. And, more recently, Mary, who was a rebellious goth teenager in A Woman's Heart, appeared all grown up in Moonshell Beach, the fourth book in my Shelter Bay series. There are many more Irish books upcoming. Stay tuned. :)

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C.D. Brennan (cdbrennan) | 1 comments Hi!
I lived in Ireland (mostly around Dublin for the work) from 2000 - 2007 and my recently released contemporary romance stars Irish Maggie from Portumna. My friends there are still dear to my heart, and there is a little bit of all my girlfriends in Maggie.

If you like sweet contemporary romance, then Watershed is a great read -- a story of the Irish spirit set against the stunning backdrop of Queensland, Australia.

Watershed (Love Where You Roam #1) by Cd Brennan

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Kathy Bryson (kathybryson) | 1 comments Sounds like some great books. Are you interested in Irish-American stories? In my debut novel, Feeling Luck, Megan O’Malley gave in to drunken temptation and pinched a cute guy’s ass at her cousin’s wedding. Who’d have thought a perfectly normal guy—okay, a bit short—was a leprechaun or that he’d have such a bad attitude about giving away his money?! Now that she’s captured him, Megan may be five million dollars richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, doing his best to prevent her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams!
I've just handed the sequel off to my publishers, so the adventures of leprechauns in America will continue!

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JoAnn Ross (joannross) | 9 comments I forgot to share that Briarwood Cottage, a new novella from my award-winning Irish Castlelough series, is not only on sale now, I'm having a giveaway!

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Peter Murphy (peter_murphy) | 7 comments Born & Bred

Danny Boyle was a born angel.

At least that’s what his granny used to say, and she should know she raised him after his parents proved incapable. When she becomes ill, Danny is reunited with his parents but they do not get to live happily ever after, as the ghosts of the past haunt their days. And when the old woman dies, all of her secrets come to light and shatter everything Danny believes in.

In the turmoil of 1970’s Ireland, an alienated Danny gets into drugs and is involved in a gangland killing. Duped by the killers into leaving his prints on the gun, Danny needs all the help his friends and family can muster. Calling in favors from bishops and priests, police and paramilitaries, God and the devil, the living and the dead, they do all that they can. But even that might not be enough.

BORN & BRED is the first novel in the Life & Times Trilogy, a cycle of three novels that will chart the course of one star-crossed life. It is a work of vibrant imagination from a poetic novelist of the first order.

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JoAnn Ross (joannross) | 9 comments Just a reminder that my Briarwood Cottage giveaway ends Tuesday!

Return to Shelter Bay's sister city, Castlelough, Ireland, home to the beloved, award-winning Irish trilogy—A Woman's Heart, Fair Haven, and Legends Lake—for a new story about a woman overcoming tragedy and a man whose heart she once broke.

When burned-out war journalist Duncan McCaragh is assigned to cover a "sighting" of the Lady, Ireland's sea creature version of Scotland's Nessie, he decides to use his forced time in Castlelough to come up with a plan to win back his estranged wife.

What he has no way of knowing is that photojournalist Cassandra Carpenter is also on her way to Castlelough with the divorce papers Duncan's been refusing to sign. Can the magic of the Emerald Isle and the Lady reunite these two wounded hearts?

message 11: by Greg (new)

Greg McVicker | 1 comments An Irish Heart, A Belfast Author!

Hello everyone!

My name is Greg McVicker. I was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but immigrated to Canada in 1985 at the age of 15. I am the proud author of three books, my most recent was one was just released today which is also my first Children's Book! My books are as follows:

Through the Eyes of a Belfast Child - Life. Personal Reflections. Poems. (May 2014 - available in Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook).

An Irish Heart: Journey of a Belfast Child (December 2014 - currently only available as an eBook).

Silly Billy and the Postage Stamp (January 2015 - currently only available as an eBook).

Would love to say hello and chat with many other Irish others. Please by all means send me a request on Facebook, or come and join my Belfast Child Facebook page. All the best and thank you for having me on the group!!

Slainte / Cheers!!

message 12: by BR (new)

BR Kingsolver (brkingsolver) | 1 comments My series, The Telepathic Clans Saga, is based on Irish mythology, including a completely unique explanation of the legends of the Fae or Sidhe. Some of the books are partly set in Ireland and Scotland. There are 5 books set in this world.

Gifts of the Goddess by B.R. Kingsolver

The series is adult and steamy, but not erotica.

The first book in the series is now free.

The Succubus Gift (The Telepathic Clans, #1) by B.R. Kingsolver

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Natalie Hart (NatalieHart) Hi guys,
I'm an Irish author. I've just released my first romance short, Dive Bar Heat: An Erotic Romance.

The book doesn't explicitly mention Ireland, and the city it's based in is an amalgam of the many Irish cities I've spent time in.

The series is about Grant's Bar, a dive bar that's riding the wave of the craft beer boom currently happening in Ireland. The series will follow the loyal customers of Grant's, as they mingle and find love, but always returning to their local for the company and good beer.

The series is generally about the idea of a third place. The first place is our home, the second place is our workplace, and we have to go to both of those. The third place is somewhere we choose to go of our own volition, it's somewhere we can express ourselves, be ourselves and find an escape. For me it's natural to write about the pub, because for many in Ireland it really is the social hub (sometimes to a troubling extent.)

The most Irish thing about my writing is my Hiberno-English. I don't hide my colloquialisms. There will be no begorrahs and shillelaghs, but if you're familiar with Ireland I write about real Irish people, including how they speak.

If you're interested you can find the book on Amazon.

message 14: by JoAnn (new)

JoAnn Ross (joannross) | 9 comments I forgot to share my Beyond The Sea giveaway, which, yikes, ends tomorrow! This is the 9th book in my Shelter Bay series and my 5th in my Castlelough series, but it stands alone.

On sale August 11, 2015

The romance Shelter Bay readers have been waiting for!

While in Ireland to bake a wedding cake for movie star Mary Joyce, Sedona meets Conn Brennan, an Irish rock star who refuses to fit into any of her tidy, concise boxes. Unable to deny the sizzling chemistry between them, Sedona rashly throws caution to the winds, forgetting that she’s never, ever, been attracted to bad boys.

When Conn learns a dark family secret that has stayed buried for over thirty years, the revelation has him questioning nearly everything he’s believed about his life. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is his intense attraction to Sedona Sullivan, the blond American baker he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about. The woman he’s destined to spent the rest of his life with.

But first he must break through Sedona’s formidable defenses and convince her that their romance is much more than a summer fling. And Sedona must decide where her heart truly belongs.

This book is available for preorder for kindle, nook, iBooks, kobo, and print. Links are on my website at

message 15: by Sheena (last edited Sep 18, 2015 03:19AM) (new)

Sheena Lambert (shewithonee) The Sunday Times called it 'heart-rending...a gripping murder mystery'.

September 1975.
A body is discovered in the receding waters of a manmade lake, and for Peggy Casey, 23-year-old landlady of The Angler’s Rest, nothing will ever be the same. Detective Sergeant Frank Ryan is dispatched from Dublin, and his arrival casts an uneasy spotlight on the damaged history of the valley, and on the difficult relationships that bind Peggy and her three older siblings. Over the course of the weekend, Detective Ryan’s investigation will not only uncover the terrible truth behind the dead woman’s fate, but will also expose the Casey family’s deepest secrets.
Secrets never meant to be revealed.

The Lake by Irish playwright and novelist Sheena Lambert

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Bekka | 4 comments Uncharted Passage: Toward New Realms

My short story is now available: "Crossing continents, she finds herself crossing states of being. This college student transcends knowledge limits that she seeks to understand."

Themes: Coming of age, the supernatural, Irish fantasy. A currently popular Irish figure makes an appearance as a werewolf (grrr!!!), while the story traces back to the goddess Danu.

The tale takes place in Irish counties Sligo, Wicklow, and Dublin - as well as Canada, England, and the U.S.

Available from several online retailers. More info here:

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Cornelia | 2 comments My name is Cornelia Amiri, I write a lot of Celtic historical romance and Celtic fantasy romance. Two of my books are set in Ireland. Queen of Kings is about the bronze age queen and only woman listed as a high king of Ireland, Macha Mong Ruad.

As wild and beautiful as the land she rules, all men lust for her, warriors and kings bow to her might and magic, but one champion comes forth to gift her with a white bull and true love… but can the handsome stranger best her skills and win her heart?

s love even better...the second lifetime around
As the pirate Anwen, presses her dagger against the throat of, Kaeso, her Roman captive, he s captivated by dreams of a woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror image of Anwen. Can Anwen and Kaeso steer their timeless voyage to a happy destiny or will they be robbed of love again?

And Timeless Voyage, which is part of the Scandalously Yours full of fabulous historical romances by best-selling authors, coming out in February. Though Timeless Voyage is also available now as a stand-alone. It's set in Ireland, 1st century AD. Timeless VoyageQueen of Kings

message 18: by Lorna (new)

Lorna Peel (lornapeel) | 3 comments London on 3 September 1939 is in upheaval. War is inevitable. Into this turmoil steps Kate Sheridan, newly arrived from Ireland to live with her aunt and uncle, and look for work. When she meets Flight Lieutenant Charlie Butler sparks fly, but he is a notorious womaniser. Should she ignore all the warnings and get involved with a ladies man whose life will be in daily danger?

Charlie Butler has no intention of getting involved with a woman. But when he meets Kate his resolve is shattered. Should he allow his heart to rule his head and fall for a nineteen-year-old Irish girl while there is a war to fight?

Private conflicts and personal doubts are soon overshadowed. Will the horrors of war bring Kate and Charlie together or tear them apart?

Into The Unknown by Lorna Peel



Into The Unknown by Lorna Peel

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Isabella (livbet) | 3 comments Whitney wrote: "This is for authors to advertise their books. Please do share them or if you have written more than a few, just leave your name and a few of your lastest/best works.

Hi Whitney - my two novels are set in Ireland (well one is half in Ireland, half in England - the other is totally in Ireland). But I'm not an Irish author (sadly). Does this disqualify me?

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Thomas Kiernan | 3 comments Hello. My name is Thomas Kiernan. I am a writer living in Ireland. This year my short story, "Sunflowers" won the Brian Mac Mahon short story competition at the Listowel Writers' Week literary festival. You can view my story if you Google, Listowel Writers' Week Winners and you will see Sunflowers which you then click and scroll down until my story comes up. I have written a couple of ebooks that are up on Amazon Kindle
The Sniper

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Isabella (livbet) | 3 comments Thomas wrote: "Hello. My name is Thomas Kiernan. I am a writer living in Ireland. This year my short story, "Sunflowers" won the Brian Mac Mahon short story competition at the Listowel Writers' Week literary fest..."

Forget my question in the other thread :)

The hero in one of my novels is a Kiernan. I wonder if you're related....

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Thomas Kiernan | 3 comments Isabella wrote: "Thomas wrote: "Hello. My name is Thomas Kiernan. I am a writer living in Ireland. This year my short story, "Sunflowers" won the Brian Mac Mahon short story competition at the Listowel Writers' Wee..."

If he's a good guy, I would hope so. It is not a common Irish name but typical nonetheless.

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Isabella (livbet) | 3 comments He's the hero :)

Though have to say, it's also the name of a couple of antagonists as well. It's family orientated.

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Lorna Peel (lornapeel) | 3 comments Brotherly Love by Lorna Peel

My historical romance Brotherly Love will be published on 1 February 2017 and is available for pre-order for 99p or 99cents.

Ireland, 1835.

Faction fighting has left Doon Parish divided between the followers of the Bradys and the Donnellans. Caitriona Brady is the widow of John, the Brady champion, killed two years ago. Matched with John aged eighteen, Caitriona didn’t love him and can’t mourn him. Now John’s mother is dead and Caitriona is free to marry again.

Michael Warner is handsome, loves her, and he hasn’t allied himself with either faction. But what secret is he keeping from her? Is he too good to be true?


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Thomas Kiernan | 3 comments Isabella wrote: "He's the hero :)

Though have to say, it's also the name of a couple of antagonists as well. It's family orientated."

Hi Isabella. They're a contentious lot. I know well.

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