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Who's your favourite Irishman?

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message 1: by Whitney (new)

Whitney K.E. (whitneyk-e) | 10 comments Mod
So, here my go at getting this group going.
So, tell me, who's your favourite Irishman?
And who was his creator?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael (micky74007) I don't have a favorite fictional Irish character.
But the Irishman I respect most in real life is Michael Collins.

message 3: by Bekka (new)

Bekka | 4 comments My favorite contemporary real-life Irishman is Hozier, no doubt about it. Saw him in concert this year.

His parents created him, although I Wrote him into a short story ("Uncharted Passage: Toward New Realms"). In this fantasy short story, he's been made into a changling.

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