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Mansi (DevilRebel62) description

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Brooke walks in after Chace, smiling lightly at the scenery before setting her things down.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Changing into a tank and shorts she lays down, yawning as she curls into a ball and closes her eyes.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Staying silent, she moves to her side with a light sigh of content as she burries herself in a pillow, her breath even before dozing off.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She awoke lightly at the sound of a door being close, searching for Chace and saw he wasn't there. She stood and heads to the restroom, searching for him there but didn't see him.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Yawning lightly, she hugs on a shawl as she trudges on outside. She slid the door shut behind her, looking at Chace before approaching him and sitting next to him.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "I really don't want to ruin our honeymoon because of me being selfish," Brooke spoke softly, her gaze lingering his.
"Atleast look at me..."

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Brooke's face fell.
"Chace.. How could you think that?" She asked, astonished.
"What makes you think that?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Is that honestly what's been bothering you this whole trip?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Then what else is there?" Brooke asked as she look off into the distance at the moon.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Brooke looks at him.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Oh my God," Brooke's heart nearly fell.
"Are you implying divorce?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Brooke rubs the back of her neck, hanging her head low.
"Alright... Anything else your willing to elaborate?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She looks up at him.
"What.. You don't wanna hear my defense?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She turns her gaze to the distance.
"Chace... If I married you because if the twins... That would be stupid. When we first had our real talk at the movies... I knew you were the one." She looks up at him.
"Chace.. If I married you only because of the kids... Do you think I'd be on this honeymoon with you?"

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "And.. The Hawaii thing.." She sighs as she ran a hand through her hair.
"I never intended to hurt your feelings. Like I was saying, I was selfish. I guess I just really wanted to know where we're going." she stood, remembering her promise and pecked his lips.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She ran her hand through his hair, kissing the top of his head.'"I lover you too."

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Glad for the moment, she closed her eyes and rested her chin ontop of his head.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She sighs out in content, rubbing his shoulders lightly.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Mhm no, I slept enough," she chuckles as she gazes over his shoulder at the rising sun.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Sleep," she says and pulls away.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She smiles, following his gaze.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Smiling, she kisses his cheek.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "I love you," she says, her hand resting on his chest.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She looks up at him, getting a feeling of how they were before they were engaged.
"Lies, Chacey," she chuckles.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She looks up at him.
"I was hoping we were getting to that," she smirks.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She chuckles, leaning up and pecking his lips.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She snakes her arms around his neck, sighing out in content lightky.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She groaned, her fingertips nestling into the hair at the nape of his neck as she licks at his lips sweetly.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Clinging onto him, her lips move down to graze his neck.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She shivers, kissing Along his neck sweetly.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She bit on the cord of his neck gently, moaning as she did do.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Mhmm?" She sighs out in content as she grips his shoulders.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Mhm why thank you," her teeth lightly bite his neck here and there.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She sucked on his neck, her hands traveling up his shirt.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) Her lips found his once again and she kissed him fiereley, her hands running through his hair carefully and lovingly.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She pulls away, trying to get his shirt off fast enough.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "We're on a public beach you know," she murmurs into his neck as she kisses it.
"In the morning."

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Remember our first?" She chuckles then looks back at the beach.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She smiles sheepishly, her hands toying with his hair.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She pulls him on top of her by his hand, grinning.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She shivers, moaning lightly.
"Can't help it," she sighs out in content.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She shivers at his touches, her hands cupping his cheeks before kissing him hard.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She moans, kissing back just as fiercley as her hands travel his torso.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She shivers, her hands running through his hair as she kissed his neck.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "damn," she groans loudly into his neck as she bit it to stifle her loud moans.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) "Mhm," she shivered as she closed her eyes.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She moaned again, her tongue licking at his.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She moans, her hands finding the buckle on his belt and starts to unbuckle it.

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Mansi (DevilRebel62) She slid her panties down, working on his boxers, trying to get them down quickly but was fumbling.

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