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lovedbyOrangemond (too-much) Labby laid in his hamick swinging in the back yard, it was a hot summer day and all he wanted to do was lay about. He closed his eyes and listened to everything around him as the hot sun warmed him to comfort

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Sean ran his fingers through his hair as he walked around his neighborhood, trying to see if there was anything fun to do. He didn't have any friends there so he coukdn't walk to their house.

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Max got off the bus that had led him to this town. He was somewhere with a lot of houses was all he knew. He was covered in bruises from before he escaped that man's basement.

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Sighing, he sent to go get something to drink since he had nothing better to do. Sean headed home to get his wallet, barely paying attention to where he was going.

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As Max walked with his face to the ground, he didn't notice the boy he nearly ran into

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Sean looked back at the guy he almlst ran into, biting his lip. He looked away and jogged to his house for a bit.

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Max shook it off and kept walking towards town

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Sean grabbed his wallet, got on his bike and headed to Seven Eleven.

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Max walked through the downtown areas, seeing the stores. He spotted the gut he ran into earlier. He was cute... Max looked away

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He stopped his bike to talk to his cousin. They walked around downtown, every once i a while talking.

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Max stopped by a gas station and grabbed a bag of chips. He hadn't eaten in days. He also grabbed a bottle of water and shoved them both under his hoodie, quickly steeling the two items.

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Sean saw Max aand bit his lip. He hadn't seen him around before so he figured that he must be new there. Shrugging it off he continued walking with his cousin.

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