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Shane was at work, filling out some papers since he was finished with his other work.

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When he was finished, Shane headed home. Sighing, he started the car and dove to the store instead to pick up some things.

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Shane got home after a hour and went to put the things away

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He ran his finger through his hair and headed out of the kitchen.

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He helped her up with a small laugh.

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"I'm sorry too." he smiled back.

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"Yeah." he sighed a little as he looked at her.

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He shrugged, "I don't know." Shane kissed her forehead.

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"I'll take care of dinner." he smiled at her softly.

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"What do you want for dinner?" he asked.

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He nodded, "Alright." He started thinking about what to make.

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Shane watched her go.

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He was out in the garage working on the car since it was acting funny. When he finished he headed back inside to clean up.

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He wiped his hand across her face, leaving a black mark on it. Shane laughed and washed his hands.

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That made him laugh more. He cleaned up the house and sat down on the couch.

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After a few minutes Andy pulled up and smiled over at her.

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He opened the passenger door for her with a smile.

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Andy kissed her softly.

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"Where to?" He asked.

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"Yup, it got finished this morning."

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Andy nodded and held her hand as he drove.

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He kissed her hand softly.

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He smiled over at her.

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"You know, tomorrow is our anniversary."

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He smiled too, "So is yours." He rubbed her cheek happily. "Two years with my baby."

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He kissed her gently and happily.

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"I love you too." He turned back to the road.

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When they got to Andy's house he parked in the garage.

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He got out too and held open the garage door for her

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Andy followed her inside.

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Andy followed her happily.

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He sat next to her and put his arms around her. "Hows your day been?"

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"I'm sorry, Kathy." He rubbed her arm. "At least you still have your dad with you."

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"I get annoying too, but you still love me."

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"So... I just had it and now its gone..." he scowled.

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He laughed, "Its not your fault."

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"Nope. They never are." He poked her.

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Andy went over to the thing and turned uo the heat for it.

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He laughed and put it with her other clothes. He took off his shoes and socks before sitting behind her and putting his legs on either side of her.

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He ran his fingers through her hair.

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Andy kissed her neck softly.

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He kissed along her jaw line.

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(What would he need to call her about?)

He smiled, running his hand along her body.

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Shane tried calling Kathy, but her phone was off so he called Andy. Sighibg, Andy kissed Kathy then went to answer the phone.

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When he came back he handed her the phone.

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"Hey, sorry to bug you Kathy, but I gotta tell you something." Shane said.

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"Your cousin Micheal is in the hospital."

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"He got into a car accident."

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"Really bad." Shane told her.

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