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message 1: by Adena (new)

Adena Wright (adenaw) A row of large, pebbly caves that open out onto the ocean. Many people enjoy sitting on some of the larger rocks at the openings of the caves and watching the waves or splashing around in the cool sea water. There is a trail that leads out of the cove and up onto the cliffs above.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia | 3 comments Olivina emerged from one of the caves and peered around the cove. After making sure that it was empty of anyone but her, she slipped her sandals off and walked down to sit at the water's edge. Staring out at the ocean, Olivina couldn't help but think of her home in Spain. It had been a full month since she had moved here with her family, and still she hadn't made any friends.

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