Man O'War Man O'War question

Bellamy Bellamy Feb 22, 2012 06:18PM
So did anyone else noticed the problems the main character seemed to have with women, or 'ladies' as he so often called them?
Now I know this is the early 1900s and the public opinion of women was a little less than it is today, but it's frustrating me as I'm reading it and he continuously mentions women in degrading ways and talks about how silly/stupid/irritating they are.

I do think it was, as you pointed out, the "period" of time. Sort of like watching "I love Lucy." It's a beloved favorite, but if you watch it as a "feminist" it would make your skin crawl. LOL Also, the main character Danny is a very young man, and very young men can often think that women are silly/stupid/irritating. haha, Oh well, at any rate, I loved the book, although I admit I read it as a teen, and that was many years ago.

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