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Jaidyn | 302 comments Mod
((Girl's Cabins...RP!))

Blair was sleeping in her pretty bed, tossing and turning, causing her hair to knot up and kink.

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Megan walked in and sat on her bed and started texting Blair.'I think he was staring, I mean he might not have noticed he was though.lol.' she sent.

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'Yea I know right. While u guys were singing, we all sat together (Rory, Jackson c, maxim, Hui, and Luis) and we talked an Jackson laughed so weird! BTW me and Rory r the only girls that don't sing.' Megan's sent Blair.

( I CANT SAY CHORUS BECAUSE THERE is none in lost talent)

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Jaidyn | 302 comments Mod
What do you mean we were singing...When were we singing? Wat do u mean u and her r the only ones who don't sing? And he laughed weird? Were u talking about me?

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