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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) | 1079 comments Mod
Dear Historian,

The disaster we have done to the earth, the pollution and the global warming. We had finally destroyed the human race on the surface until a brilliant scientist told the humans that we need to go into the waters. Thinking the scientist was crazy, we began to panic but as he showed us submarines. We began to believe there was hope. As we boarded the submarines, we said goodbye to the surface and went toward the mystery of the sea. As we were down in the sea, we find a huge glass dome city waiting for us to live in. As we settle in this cased world, we began to think to ourselves whether we will ever go back to the surface. While we watch the surface, with a camera, we sighed and looked at our compacted space. We will end surviving in this place until we lose power. It's all up to us to use eco energy to survive. Everyone must pitch in as we live in this trapped world.


The historian found this letter and stated that there must be an expedition to explore the surface world once again.

Copy and paste this format. Also for every u>, i>, b>, or spoiler> put a < on the front.

b>Name: (First and Last)

b>Age: (10-21)


b>Explorer Rank: ((List later))

b>Appearance: ((picture or description))
i>Skin tone: ((pale, tanish, green))
i>Hair color:
i>Eye color:

b>Personality: (3-5 sentences description about their way fit in their society)

b>History: (3-5 sentences about their typical life...Then explain why they wanted to be part of the expedition. How did they learn it about it, at school, their parents told them about something.....etc. The letter above is one of the evidence about the human world up above.))
spoiler>i>Desire: ((List what you want to find in the surface world))

Skills: ((List later))

b>Combat: ((Sword, Arrow, pistols, guns, shurikens etc...))

b>Weaknesses: ((What is their weakness...Their personality, a type of phobia, it all has to do with the Explorer ranks.))


b>Other: ((Something we don't know about the explorer.))

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Aɴɴᴇ Oɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴅɢᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏ sᴇᴀᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ɪɴᴛᴏIan Kabra (litch02717) | 923 comments Mod
Name: Connor Evans

Age: 17

Gender: M

Explorer Rank: Captain ((yes.. he's a 17 year old captain :))


((I'm sorry for changing it constantly, I kept refreshing the page but the picture won't show =.=))
Skin Tone: tanish
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: hazel brown
Height: 6"5

Personality: flirtatious yet kind. He is very curious to a lot of things. He is the person you would want to talk to. Whenever he's silent and doesn't want to talk to anybody, it just meant that he's mad about something. And he is a smart kid.

History: Connor and his parents moves from one place to another ever since he was a child. He had a younger brother named Tyler. Tyler has different colored eyes; cerulean on the left and an olive green eye on the other. One time, his family was at the park, Tyler was running around like most kids do. Connor was told to keep an eye out to his brother but refused to. His brother went missing for years and Connor felt horrible about it; he was supposed to look after his brother.
Connor found out about the expedition through rumors at school.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Information-Assimilation; Rapport

[image error] and bow and arrows

Weaknesses: he's too desperate to find his brother. He trusts his crew a little too much.

Crush: none at the moment...

Other: Connor believes on the quote, "whatever you love, that is your weakness." He has a dog named Austin (view spoiler)

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) | 1079 comments Mod
Name: Synathym (Syn) Rinto

Age: 16

Gender: Female (Don’t underestimate her)

Explorer Rank: Captain (Owns another ship/ enemy of Anne’s character xD))

Skin tone: pale
Hair color: blackish-blue
Eye color: purple
Height: 5’ 5”

Personality: Syn is a determined, all controlling, and clever girl. With the help of her crew she is able to fulfill the duties of a captain. She may look happy and cheery but beware for her personality can change in an instant and then you find yourself in a middle of a war. Syn is very talented with everything she does. If she puts effort and determination into a project, she can complete it in an instant. She is also miracle worker and will always help her crew if they need her. As captain, she will die with the ship if it sinks toward the bottom because she believes exploring is her life. Syn also doesn’t understand the meaning of friendship and treats all of her crew, well, members that obey her commands. Even though Syn is a captain, she is also loyal to the elders that have been within the ocean and also the elders that have been up in the land. With her determination, she believes that she can also be a captain that have sailed and drove her crew onto the surface of water and deep within the ocean because she is the captain of her ship and no one can scare her.

History: Syn grew up to be a bossy but determined girl. Many loved her because of her cold and determination. She is the role model for her friends and also is a great manager for the Robotics Team at her school. Even though she is an organized princess, she also lives a life of a school girl. Syn was bored one day and rummaged through her great-grandparent’s things and found a book about her great-grandparents’ adventures. She asked them about their life above the surface and they started to make her curious that she wrote a persuading letter to the government and told them that she wants to be a captain of an expedition. What she didn’t know was that her rival, Connor Evans, was also part of an expedition. With her fury, she got her crew and started to make their submarine. She was part of the building also because she doesn’t want to lose to Connor, even though they both are even always. When she finished her ship she smiled at her crew and gave them jobs, from there, they drove themselves toward the surface of the water, wanting to understand her great-grandparents’ stories and also her ancestors’ lives above the ocean.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Rapport; Technology & Information-Assimulation

Combat: Sword and Pistol

~Curiousity killed the cat She doesn’t understand the meaning of loving someone and doesn’t want to understand but if it’s information, she wants to gain it.
~Her crew and ship- she is also loyal to her crew because they are the people that helped her build the ship.

Crush: None (Ha! Love is weakness. I shall not fall for anyone. In my oath on becoming a captain)

Other: Her father is President Glass (The leader of the Glass Cased Dome). Syn despises her father for leaving her mother ill and her last name was changed to her mother's maiden name to remind her never to fall for anyone.

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Ashana Name: Cimorene Time
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Explorer Rank: Engineer
Skin tone: Pale
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: grey

Personality: Cimorene is a very shy girl. Her tendency to stop talking whenever she's nervous makes her an oddity in society. She smiles at everyone and loves to tinker with broken or damaged items.
History: Cimorene was always stepped on at home. She was considered an annoyance, since she didn't possess any social graces. Her family is not a caring one. Cimorene found out about the expedition at school, from her technology teacher who took her to the back of the room and whispered that she knew how to get Cimorene out of her bad situation. Since then, Cimorene had been debating weather or not to take the chance, but the way her family treated her finally made up her mind to go.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Math, architecture, technology
Combat: Cimorene is surprisingly good with a bow, and she can be counted on to be handy with a knife when it is needed
Weaknesses: Cimorene is afraid of what others might do or say to her.
Crush: none


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Matthew (phoebus) | 529 comments Name: Moki(or Mo) Periwinkle

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Navigator

Appearance: A slight mix of these two
(especially the goggles. no glasses)[image error]

Skin tone: Light Peach
Hair color: Straw Blond
Eye color: Golden Brown
Height: 5' 9"

If there is one thing that Mo is, it is ingenious. He is an extremely observant, creative and cunning young fellow(I mean...he has an IQ over 140). He is a talented designer and logician, with a memory that would give elephants a run for their money. He is immensely curious and loves learning/discovering new things...but he is also a little shy, and a bit of a pacifist. But he is sweet, gentle, and kind/friendly. He is the best at what he does, and though he doesn't brag about it(his caption does thought)...He is immensely loyal to his crew and caption. He has the heart of a true explorer.

History: His two parents were great explorers who were renown throughout the world. But...then they died when he was still merely an infant, leaving him in this world as an orphan. He grew up with his grandparents, who would fill his head with stories of adventure and discovery. From a young age it could be seen he had a knack for learning, technology, and other such stuff. By age ten he was astonishing experts with his intelligent mind, this is how he came to be(at only the age of fifteen) one of the brightest minds of scholars everywhere.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Mathematics, Technology & Architecture

Though you wouldn't expect it from him(or for him to fight in the first place) he is talented martial artist and other forms of hand-to-hand combat, can knock out someone in a single or a few blow(s).

Weaknesses: His shyness, and the fact that he isn't very...aggressive(or assertive for that matter)

Crush: You'll just have to wait and see :P

Other: TBA

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Matthew (phoebus) | 529 comments Name: Lafeu(or Lu) Heartwood

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Cook

Skin tone: Slight Tan
Hair color: Naturally Ginger
Eye color: Light Green
Height: 6' 2"

Personality: He is more laid back and carefree, not to mention talented at his job. Just one thing of warning, don't mess with his ingredients...or else. He is friendly, and loyal to his crew. He attempts to do the best with whatever resources he has. He is calm for the most back, and maybe a little bit silly now and again. He has a strong Irish accent.

History: Every since he was little he was absorbed with two things, cooking and music. He persevered till he got the best education he could and perfected his talents. He is a young hard working soul. He dreamed of joining the expeditions ever since he heard of them, to see the world. Meet new people, play music in different places. To discover new foods, and new music.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Cooking, Music

Combat: He is a master katana user, ans is skilled with knives(perfect for a chef)

Weaknesses: Agoraphobic and hates insects(spoiling his food)

Crush: None at the moment

~ Skilled Musician, he can provide food and entertainment
~Strong Irish Accent
~Kazuko (Kazu) Heartwood is his Fraternal Twin

[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 942 comments Name: Kazuko (Kazu) Heartwood

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Explorer Rank: Translator

(view spoiler)
Skin tone: Slightly lighter than tan
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Light Green
Height: 5’ 5”

Personality: Kazuko is neither quiet nor talkative; she’s right in the middle. A friendly, loyal, helpful person; she can be trusted very easily. Kazu is also a bit of an air head. Since she’s so engrossed into her work as a translator, she can forget other things pretty easily. She’s also quite stubborn at times. She will keep things that seem like it can harm the crew a secret until she’s sure that it’s something safe. No matter what you say, she won’t tell anyone about her findings until she feels like it’s the right time for it. She has a strong Irish accent like her brother.

History: Kazuko loves learning new languages. To her, it seems fun and very…important. She would usually start learning a new language after she feels like the previous language she had learned is memorized and stuff. Sometimes, she would just sit back and relax after she mastered a language.

Kazuko learned about the expedition when she was coming home from the public library after checking several books out about the language that people of Russia speaks. On her way out of the library, she overheard some librarians talking about how a crew needs someone who can take the job as a translator. Once she heard that, she quickly went over to the librarians and asked for more information before leaving and deciding whether she should join. Eventually, she decided to become a crew member. That’s how she became a part of the expedition.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Language and Music

Combat: Weapons that are small, sharp, can be easily hidden away, and that can be easily reached such as shurikens and kunai.

Weaknesses: Not being able to read something that she already learned. She would get extremely upset and look down on herself for a several days.

Crush: None at the moment

~A skilled musician with small instruments.
~Strong Irish accent
~Lafeu Heartwood is her fraternal twin.

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Name: Hanna "Frost" Lake

Age: 16

Explorer Rank: Peace maker

Appearance: [image error]
Skin tone: pale
Hair color: sun blonde
Eye color: Evergreen
Height: 5'4

Being a Peace Maker you would think that she's..well..peaceful, but she's not. She has an attitude, except around her captain. She loves to read about almost anything and she wants to help others in any way possible. She's a smooth talker and is working on being able to get whatever she wants just by asking.

She grew up wanting to see the world on the surface. Hanna worked hard at becoming a Peace maker so that one day she would get to see this world. She lived with her Grandfather before coming to the surface. He's the one who taught her to be a Peace maker. She was so very sorry to leave her Grandfather alone but he insisted that she go. Now all Hanna wants is to make her Grandfather proud.

She used to hang out around the docks and other seemingly random places to see if any explorers were going out. One day she caught a break and with the approval of her Grandfather she showed her skills and was excepted as a Peace maker.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Rapport

Weapons: Two small daggers hidden in her clothing; and of course talking her way out of things.

Weaknesses: She gets to excited about things at times.

Crush: Open

Has two kittens named Yin & Yang
[image error]
black= Yang white= Yin

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Aɴɴᴇ Oɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴅɢᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏ sᴇᴀᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ɪɴᴛᴏIan Kabra (litch02717) | 923 comments Mod
Name: Ethan Underwood

Age: 18

Gender: M

Explorer Rank: Scientist


Anime version:

Skin tone: slightly tanned
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Arctic blue
Height: 6' 1"

Personality: Ethan is a good observant and has a really long term memory. He is social and friendly. He would be willing to help anyone if he needs to. He respects every member of the crew and is a loyal crew mate. He also has a photographic memory.

History: He usually strolls around to see what changed in his surroundings. He gleans information and write them down by the end of the day. He remembers everything even the useless informations just in case he needed to use them. He plays the violin everytime he has nothing else to do. He has always been curious on what is it like to live above this dome. He learned that there is a world above through his friend who has always been into gossips.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Information-Assimilation, Technology

Combat: knives and snipers

Weaknesses: Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, in short, fear of long words (xD). He also has the fear of heights and failure.

Crush: none


[ constellation mokke ] (plueblue02) | 942 comments Name: Kakeru Wenclawiak Kanzaki

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Supplier


(view spoiler)
Skin tone: Tan
Hair color: Navy Blue
Eye color: Hazel Brown
Height: 5’ 9”

Personality: Unlike most suppliers, Kakeru is not very hot-headed; he’s actually pretty calm. You can say that he’s a 45% hot-headed guy and a 55% calm-headed guy. He’s very observant and is a very good tactician. With an IQ over 140, Kakeru can think up strategies in less than a 1 minute. Kakeru is also a loyal and protective person. He will not abandon his comrades in battle and he will try to do whatever he can to save them, especially the one he loves and the captain of the crew. Kakeru is also a kind and helpful person. He tries to help out with other things whenever he can when there isn’t much for him to do.

History: Kakeru Wenclawiak Kanzaki is the son of two famous suppliers. His parents were from two different countries: Germany and Japan. The name “Wenclawiak” is a German name and “Kanzaki” is a Japanese name. His parents are extremely skilled with weapons such as guns; thus, passing on their skills to Kakeru. Each day, Kakeru would practice his hereditary skills after school and whenever he can. Because of that, he has perfect aim and can shoot a gun from any distance. However, his time is not always devoted to practicing. Kakeru would spend time outside relaxing and hanging out with friends. He also spends time on reading.

Kakeru first learned the expedition from his parents. He overheard them talking one night when he came back from hanging out with his friends. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop on his parents talking about the expedition but it caught his interest and he had to stay and listen. Though Kakeru doesn’t know it, his parents were purposely talking about the expedition so Kakeru can join and see what it’s like above the dome city. After a while, Kakeru was “found” out by his father and that’s when his parents filled him in about these expeditions. The next day, Kakeru decided to join a crew and be as much help as he can.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Smithing, Sounds(info below)

~Guns…any kind

~Not being prepared to fight
~Being unorganized

Crush: None at the moment

The skill “sounds” is what he calls when he can find out what kind of gun an enemy is using. Because of his hereditary skill and practicing with different guns nearly every single day, he has memorized what sound a gun makes when it’s being used. It’s quite strange.

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Witchy | 179 comments Name: Alexander("Alex" or "Xander") Black

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Mechanic

Skin tone: Almost completely white.
Hair color: Raven-wing Black
Eye color: Silver/grey
Height: 6'11

Personality: Alex is that "Get it and never let it go" type of guy. He is very determined to do what he loves and to build whatever he likes. He is quite smart, but some of his annoying traits can get in the way of people noticing how smart he is. He can be loud, obnoxious, act like a little kid, you know, stuff like that. People usually nag him and tell him to stop being annoying, but he is trying to have fun. It's an adventure, right?
Although quite cheery, Alex has a dark side fr being in solitude for all those years. If you get him pissed, he will PROBALLY crack you upside the head with a wrench and trap you in some deadly evil contraption.

History: Alex was an orphan. He grew up by himself. Not one person would even look at him. He felt like his only friends where books and objects that he could bend and shape to his will. That is where his talent came from. All of his skill is self taught, and he has learned a lot.
One day, as he stared out into the sea, he started to think,"What elese is out there?" He scavenged threw his extensive library and started reading up on what happened before. He found a copy of the letter and his interest peaked. He searched for some way to find the surface, and he did. He joined the explorers and his dream came true. Now, his adventure is just beginning.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Terribly good at Mathmatics and Machinery(I forgot what it was called!)

Combat: He makes his own weapons. He often uses one weapon called "Claws of Iron": There is one for each hand and the blades are indestructible.

Weaknesses: He can not speak well with others and is terrified of being alone.

Crush: ...

Other: He has a sweets fetish

message 12: by E.J. (new)

E.J. (ejschoenborn) Name: "Sister" Tabitha Bracken

Age: 21

Gender: A Lady...

Explorer Rank: Supplier

Skin tone: Tannish
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red...
Height: 5'9"

Personality: Sister Tabitha Bracken is a very short girl... not in the way of height I mean. She'd just as soon shoot you as shake your hand if you piss her off. If you stay on her good side, you'll see she has a rather morbid and perverted sense of humor along with a very amiable personality that wishes to help people. Most people won't see this amiable side as there is probably a gun barrel pointed at their head.

History: Sister Tabitha has made an oath to never have a husband and to put the church first in everything she does. Her father was a gunsmith and she learned early on that if she wanted his attention, she'd have to learn the trade which she excelled at. She also took fencing lessons from him and received a rapier of her own at the age of eight. She still wanted to push herself so her father taught her archery which she excelled the most at along with firearms. She preferred distance to close...

At the age of sixteen, her father died. She went to the nunnery so she could remain as independent as possible. The idea of finding a husband to support her was abominable.

At the age of nineteen, she made the vow of celebacy.

At the age of twenty-one, she received a vision from her god that humanity would once again walk on the earth... she talked around with other sisters and found out through the grapevine that an expedition was going to the surface. She signed up instantly.

(view spoiler)

Skills: Smithing and Information Assimilation

Combat: Guns and Arrows are preferred, but she's pretty handy with a rapier.

-Most people find her hard, unfeeling, and unfriendly.
-She has an intense fear of commitment to people and doesn't like to be touched a lot by people... unless she's fighting with them.

Crush: None, she's celebate

Other: Every time she kills something, she makes the symbol of a cross over their body and closes their eyes. She does not pray for them. The dead have no need of help...

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E.J. (ejschoenborn) Name: Rose Mary

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Explorer Rank: Cook


Skin tone: Pale as snow
Hair color: Black as night
Eye color: Blue as the sky
Height: Five foot two

Personality: Rose Mary is a very strange child, always the last picked for games and teams. She doesn't mind that though, as long as she gets to stay in the back of the classroom or gymnasium, away from people. She is quite the loner, who only looks after herself for the most part... until she senses trouble is afoot. She would like to save everyone, but if she has the choice, her life will usually come first.

Rose is an intellectual of the highest caliber in the culinary arts, but only if you don't question her about what she's doing. Her intelligence extends to botany and floriculture where she can identify hundreds of edible and poisonous species just by seeing the leaf.

Her favorite dishes to serve are Baked Alaska, Cooked spinach with bean sprouts and mushrooms, and desserts. She is quite good with working on nothing though. She can whip up a gourmet dinner with food she rifled from garbage cans, dumpsters, and the odd farm or two.

History: Her parents orphaned her at the age of six, leaving behind nothing for their little girl. No one is sure where they went. The entire dome has been searched from top to bottom without a trace. She has searched for them ever since.

She enrolled at school, barely passing her mandatory classes while excelling in the Culinary Arts and the Science classes. Her favorite science was always biology -- the study of life. What could be better?
While at school, she was bullied by most, but that all stopped after "the incident"...

"The Incident" as it is called now was the time Sally Johnson and Peter Watkins were poking fun at her in Culinary Arts... she was holding a knife.
Sally's hair is still choppily cut and Peter...
well, let's just say he won't be having any children...

After that she was kicked out of school, into the streets. A lone paper blew past and smacked her in the face. An ad needing the services of a cook on an expedition. There was nothing tying her to this accursed place anymore so she decided to go.

(view spoiler)

Skills: Mathematics, Art (cook), Art (artistic skill)

Combat: She has her own set of cooking knives...

Weaknesses: She is quite terrified of large groups... she doesn't like people really too terribly much.


Other: For the longest time, Rose Mary was followed along by a purple and black striped cat with a triple-pierced ear with gold earrings. It looked rather thin and lanky and turned up on occasion in remarkable places and heights, as if out of thin air. It has decided to accompany her on her journey, but it won't be easy to find or see. He's also not too terribly helpful at times. He prefers to watch...

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ichigo_menthol | 48 comments Name: Westall Blanc
Age: 18

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Cartographer

Skin tone: Bronzed light nude
Hair color: Earthy walnut brown
Eye color: Chocolate brown with chips of ocean blue
Height: 1.90m (6ft3)

Personality: Westall is a little Picaso, meaning he's always distracted, thinking about his pieces, observing how things hit the light. He's also not very talkative with strangers since he's always cooped up in his room or the studio, or study, sketching or making out maps but he is talkative with close friends. He laughs a lot and likes to joke around when he's with close friends. He hardly talks back or gets into fights since he's a gentle and loving person (:P haha). He's easy going, patient and never really gets angry. Since he's so distracted all the time and in a happy mood, he can't exactly focus, he can't sit in a serious meeting while paying attention. He's actually quite silly. He's not serious unless it has something to do with art or maps.

History: Westall was born into large family with many children. He was a middle child and while his older siblings went and did older people things his younger siblings went and played with their dolls and stuff. He felt left out and soon occupied himself with art. He liked it and would always be sketching or painting. His parents discovered his talent and found something in the newspaper for him. He thought it would be a fun adventure since he was getting bored and signed up, it's not like anyone would miss him since he didn't have many friends...but that is partlyhis fault because he doesn't go making them. Anyways, so, yeah, wanted an adventure, meet new people,make a friend or two, get some insparation...and, maybe, just maybe, develop a new sort of family with these explorers he would be travelling with. (not that gosh, new family as in make brotherly and sisterly bonds....). He also wants to help out everyone because the expedition is important for human life.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Art (geography) and art (artistic). Very talented ^^ he had years of practice.

Combat: Daggers, small knives and a saber. He has a stable hand.

Weaknesses: His low attention span, his good obedience, apathy for subjects not involving art or anything he is interested in. He's not good at hand to hand combat, slow reflexes.

Crush: A sculpture he has carved and polished, so he won't be such a loner in his room. It is called Marlin.

Other: He might be gay. Snacks on almonds and sultanas like crazy.

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Shiori (poets_artificial_intelligence) | 1079 comments Mod
Name: Tyler Evans Patheon

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Engineer

Skin tone: pale
Hair color: Black
Eye color: cerulean on the left and olive green eye on the other
Height: 5’ 9”

Personality: Tyler is a kind and out-going boy. Unlike his older brother, he doesn’t like to flirt with girls but does help them with many certain technologies. He is intelligent like is older brother but he specializes more in technology and also making blueprints for his creations. He is also very good at telling what parts the mechanic and technologists need. Tyler may act like a nice and gentle boy but he does have his moments when he can get angry and serious with his work. Tyler hates it when someone is bothering him with his work of blueprints and works on helping others with broken technology or inventions that don’t work. Tyler also doesn’t like unfaithful friends and will help a friend in need as he is a gentle boy.

History: Tyler went missing because he had fallen and hit his head on a bar of the monkey bars. He fell down into a bush and didn’t get found by his older brother Connor. When he woke up, he realized he forgotten about his past except a named Syn Rinto and his older brother Connor Evans. He asked the nurse on who brought him and the nurse replied that a nice Technologist had brought him. Tyler Evans didn’t remember much about his family but he did know one thing that his last name was Evans but the Technologist had placed his last name next to Evans, Tyler his “only son”. Tyler didn’t disagree since his brother probably didn’t remember him. He had lived with the Technologist since he was found by the park, unconscious. When he heard about the Explorer’s school, he entered the school for Engineering. While he passed the hallways, he watched Rinto and his brother fight over many things and saw that heir friendship had ended and they went over their separate ways. Tyler wants to find a way to reunite with his brother and also his brother to reunite with his friend. Tyler also stated to remember his past but keeps it a secret from the Technologist.
(view spoiler)

Skills: Mathematics and Architecture ((Secretly good at Drawing))

Combat: Bow and Arrow

Weaknesses: Entomophobia~The fear of bugs. When he was with his new father, his father gave him a meal filled with bugs. He use to love bugs but his new father had scared him. He ate the meal without realizing there were bugs but when his father told him what was in the main dish, he spit everything he had tasted. With this, he hated bugs and insects since.

Crush: NONE

Other: He is the little brother of Captain Connor Evans

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(((((((Charrie profile deleted)))))))

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Witchy | 179 comments Name: Aria Tarrie



Explorer Rank:Navigator

Real;(without peircings)
Aria has a peaches and cream conplection. She is tall and slender and perfectly curvy and full chested. Her eyes are blue like the noon sky with silver streaks. Her hair was blonde, but she dyed it blue.
Skin tone: Peachy cream
Hair color:Blue
Eye color: Blue with silver streaks
Height: 5'9

Personality: Aria isn't the cheeriest person on the expedition. She is rather cold and can appear off from the group. She can't stand people with a bad vocabulary or people who choose to be an idiot. She enjoys a good book and writing down stories of her own. Do not be around her when you do something bad. She'll snitch.

History:Aria always stuck out. She was always was the out cast in school and even in her own house. Her sister Azreal and her brother Arik where goodie two shoes. They always listened to their parents and never got bad grades. Aria was the opposite. She did what she did so she could stick out. Instead she became a social leper.
Aria alway hung out in her hideout. It was a small shack with a torn rug, a wobbley chair and table, and one window. It was always filled with dust. It was perfect for Aria. An outcast like her.

One day when Aria was writing a story about a young girl going to another world and meeting her true love, a letter flew in. It was burned around the edges and smelled of bakery bread. Once Aria unraveled it, she saw it was for an expedition. To another world.
Aria was belated. She packed her things in a suitcase and made her way to the city.
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Skills: Mathmatics, Mapping, tech, and story telling.

Combat: The pen is mightier than the sword. Especially when you have a pen that can turn into an axe.

Weaknesses: She is afraid of being to emotionally connected to someone then getting hurt.


Other: Sometimes, she talks in her sleep and sleep walks. A real bugger on a sub.

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Sammi-chan~*Abstract Nonsense*~ wrote: "Name: Aria Tarrie



Explorer Rank:Navigator

Real;(without peircings)
Aria has a peaches and cream conplection. She is tall and slender and perfectly curvy a..."

Approved Anne you better not let Connor flirt with the girls on his submarine for Syn will not let Connor go that easily...

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Witchy | 179 comments Where will Aria be?

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Connor's group.

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Witchy | 179 comments Okay ^_^

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Are there any other charries needed?

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Well I need a female something. >.>

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Aɴɴᴇ Oɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴅɢᴇ ᴏғ ᴍʏ sᴇᴀᴛ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴛᴏ ғᴀʟʟ ɪɴᴛᴏIan Kabra (litch02717) | 923 comments Mod
Shiori wrote: "Sammi-chan~*Abstract Nonsense*~ wrote: "Name: Aria Tarrie



Explorer Rank:Navigator

Real;(without peircings)
Aria has a peaches and cream conplection. She i..."

Lol Shiori! We'll see xDD

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I can make one if you want.

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female mechanic.

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How many charries do you have?

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Me? Two. Tyrell and the wizard Dakota.

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William (williamtkdluke) Does this work?

Name: Marcus Heisermann

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Explorer Rank: Mechanic

Skin tone: Slightly tan
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Deep green
Height: 6' 1"

Personality: He's quite easily bothered when he's working, and sometimes just wants to be alone. He is very focussed and determined to get something done if he's working on a project of any sort. Marcus tends to often mess with things to figure out how they work. He's never been good at learning throung someone explaining, he learns by experimenting with something himself. He enjoys making things of all sorts; such as Rube Goldberg machines, upgrades for computers, or just something to help get a job done.

History: Before he became an explorer, he worked for a submarine mechanic who wasn't all that good with mechanics. Marcus spent his free time making things to help him with his job. When he saw the letter when he was reading something, he remembered about the expedition to the surface. At this he jumped at the chance to see that surface and everything on it, as well as to be a mechanic for people who knew what they were doing.
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Skills: Math, Technology

Combat: A long stick he likes to keep with him

Weaknesses: Fear of failure. Dislikes when one of his creations doesn't work.


Other: Speaks some German

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