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Sam (sam_ekberg) Add a link to your profile page with a brief summary of what some of your stories are about!

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I havn't posted this in my stories yet becuse i havn't finished the capter, but please, tell me what you think:

A young girl, who went by the name of Volk, stood by the large, gray brick wall. A young bot stood next to her. Volk’s friend for many years, yet she still felt tong-tied. He smiles kindly and twirls the pencil in his hand. He was Josh, a Young handsome man, but Volk did not see his beauty, and he did not see hers.
“Volk, my friend, how are you on this fine day?” Volk smiles softly, her dark Russian eyes glimmered. “I am well Josh, you?” Josh waits a few seconds, darkens crosses his eyes as he thought about her question. “I guess I may say I am well…It’s been an interesting week, it has…” Volk blinks her purple eyes, pushes her black hair from her face, and sighs.
Josh had had a rough weak, having his elder, long lost brother die, and have to go to his funeral hurt him. He had not known the boy, for he was lost, a poor boy, found hit by a car. Josh felt pity for the brother he never knew, and would never meet for his death was so random, so fast.
Sitting there, Volk thought intently on what could have happened, not knowing; her mind went into strange wholes her own little world bloomed. She smiled at one idea and laughed at another. Josh blushed lightly, glancing at her, knowing she had spaced off, trying to find out what happened.

message 3: by Sam (new)

Sam (sam_ekberg) I have several stories started on FictionPress, but so far I only have 1 finished, and it is called The End.

It is about two young kids who find out their father once worked for scientists that were experimenting on an alien that had crash-landed on Earth many years previously, combining the DNA with animals'. But when the scientists wanted to start on humans, the father left.
As punishment for leaving, the scientists kidnapped two of his children when they were babies and experimented on them, giving them unusual abilities.
When the kids are older, the husband of the crashed alien comes to Earth, looking for his wife. When he discovers she had died and been experimented on, he decided to destroy the Earth, but not without the kids that had his wife's DNA in them.
The main storyline is the kids running away from the alien, trying not to get captured.

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Alex (hamsa_hands) | 2 comments I have mainly poems on FictionPress, but this is the only story. I have other ones planned, but I really want to finish this one first.

I don't really think my story has a plot, but I, personally, think it's good. The title (Treestat Chitiyrye) is Russian for Thirty Four.

It's about this girl from Moscow who meets one of her older brother's friends (in Saint Petersburg) who has a crush on her. The story's timeline starts nine months before World War II, and ends sometime in 1954. It mainly takes place in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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Alex Boston (omninihilum) | 2 comments I'm working on one story that's starting off kinda slow, so I want to improve the beginning quite a bit.

I have another story started but its extremely rough and needs work too.

The first one is about Omni, he tries to take down the Titan Corp and goes through a series of challenging trials to get to the point to fight Titan.

The second one is about the first werewolf and his brothers fighting against their grandfather, the Incubus.

Omni Nihilum's Profile

message 6: by Ben (new)

Ben Tuttle | 1 comments I've been working on a story for a little bit. It's a bit rough around the edges, but If I was to get some inspiration from some reviews or something than that would really help. I'm also receiving help from someone more professional than me on fictionpress, so that could also change things. You can find the story at.

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex (hamsa_hands) | 2 comments Hm, I'll check it out then!

message 8: by Derek (last edited Jun 18, 2013 09:08PM) (new)

Derek Masterson | 2 comments This is a horror novelette I recently wrote. Tips and criticism is much appreciated!

message 9: by James (new)

James Kavi | 1 comments

I write a lot of fantasy/sci fi fiction and i just started uploading to this site so i would love some reviews

"souless" a story of a teen who was raised away from the society of her planet until she was 16 now that she has reached that age her parents have sent her to one of the only cities on their planet. she discovers the world where people are normal while she herself has supernatural powers.

"Decent into Madness" my main project right now this story displays a world where medieval war and psychic powers mix. it fallows a man who is devoted to his cause of war until he sees what it truly does

i just started officially submitting my works so sorry if the uploads are slow at first or the grammar is less than desirable. let me know what you think of them

message 10: by Lourdes (last edited Dec 06, 2013 07:27PM) (new)

Lourdes I've two that I started, but haven't finished. I need them looked at and reviewed, please:

The first is "Rhaine"-main character's name and the focus so far. A sci-fi, rebellious western sort of feel...

The second is "War Between the Ages"-a world of political and religious complications; fantasy based...

message 11: by Miracles (new)

Miracles Exist (thatsroughbuddy) | 4 comments I don't really want to promote my own FP story, but two other people's stories :) They're both romance (and humor) stories, but the have two completely different plots:

1)Just Like A Fairy Tale - Not! (by Craziness Inherited)

This is a really original, funny, love-hate story about a quirky, feisty fairy tale character called Cherry Hood. She's the descendant of Red Riding Hood, and her whole life, she's lived on Fairytale Island (a place where all the protagonists from fairy tales live), but the story begins when she finally gets a chance to leave Fairytale Island and go to the real world, because the real world is where fairy tale characters get the chance to live their fairy tale and they meet their 'enemies' from the story.

When she enrols in an ordinary high school in America, she ends up finding herself in all sorts of hilarious situations, and she meets Damon Pierce, a really hot but very condescending and sarcastic classmate.

She doesn't get along with him and vice versa, but I love the tension between the two of them, and they slowly opening up to each other.

Honestly, I love this story, and all of it (except the prologue) is set in the real world, mostly around Cherry's high school. I's not finished, but I really can't wait until the next update.

Here's a link if you're interested:

2) Midnight Embers (by Purplekitten98)
I'll admit, this story hasn't been updated in quite some time, and the plot isn't quite as original as the first story, but this author has an unbelievable sense of humor!
The story begins when Kaitlyn (Kat)Carter runs into a famous band member (Midnight Embers) at an aiport, and ends up saving him from several crazy, rabid fans. Since the Midnight Embers owe Kat and her crazy friend, Lily, a favor, both of them are taken on a Europe tour with the band members.
I swear, Nick is just so hot, and together with Kat, they make a really cute couple! Sadly, the author hasn't updated in a while, and the last point she got to is when they arrive in Paris!

Seriously, though, it's definitely worth a read, because Kat's thoughts are hilarious and if you leave a review, then you can ask the author if she's continuing the story (she might be a little stuck or something, you never know).

Here's the link:

message 12: by Rafaela (new)

Rafaela Silva Leal | 3 comments Here's my profile:

I have written stories in various departements like: Supernatural, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Young Adult. Most are finished, others have sequels or more (lol) but I'd be very happy if you checked them out. Also, I make trailers for some of them; the links can be found in my profile page.

message 13: by Maggy (new)

Maggy Leduc (maggyleduc) | 1 comments Here's my profile:

I'm fairly new at this and I am working on one story called "Quill".

It's the story of Max and Rebecca's relationship from childhood to adulthood. Lots of drama, fun and angst! I'm only getting started.

message 14: by M.M. (new)

M.M. John (mmjohn) | 1 comments The Death of Ink

Paige Langley is a bright girl with a troubled home life. Devon Connors is a star athlete and school journalist with a past he wants to hide. When Paige reads Devon’s short story binder, Paige thinks she’s reading fiction. She doesn’t know about the dead girl who haunts him every night…

Rather than have his secrets exposed, Devon befriends Paige and helps edit her entry for a writing contest that Paige desperately wants to win. High school politics—and the spark of chemistry—keeps their relationship interesting. But can she trust him?


message 15: by Brianne (last edited Jun 30, 2015 11:32PM) (new)

Brianne Morris | 1 comments Oh wow this group is awesome! Thank you for creating it.

My story is called Lost in the Dark.

The Hanley sisters' childhood ended the night they broke the Laws of Nature to bring back what they lost. Now cursed with a terrifying fate, Cana and Mai struck a promise to never again turn to the Dark Arts that damned them.

Having taken up their father's legacy as huntresses for the Grigori Order, the same people who tore the Otherworld Society apart. All so they can find an answers to break their curse. But they're risking their lives by hiding their true nature from the intolerable Grigori government.

When news of their missing father may still be alive, who had found their only hope to shatter their terrible future, Cana and Mai return to Haven. The sisters must face their past and unravel the darkness threatening Haven. Is it really worth the risk to achieve their goal?

Lost in the Dark is a fantasy young adult story with casters, underground magic fight club, a broken secret society, hunters, soul devouring spirits.

Here is the link:

The first chapter is up, two and three will be up in a week. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

message 16: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Shapko | 1 comments I have one story that currently is up to four chapters, it's urban fantasy called Mystic:

Dr. Molly Dowell was a woman living an average life, until a chance encounter turned her world upside down; finding herself forced into a mythical world she must learn to navigate her new life while dealing with her cold yet seductive protector and learn a bit more about herself and fighting dangerous foes of legend.

Here's the link:

message 17: by Kaishi (new)

Kaishi | 1 comments "The Brooke" by Christina springs

Transfer student Rosanne 'Rose' Reynolds is having the time of her life in Georgia while struggling against her attraction for Diego Rossler, the boy every girl at campus wants.
Then she is forced to be his roommate and things begin to change. She needs to keep her guards up and be resistant to his charms in order to prevent getting laid by the man-whore of the college.
Each night she spends with him, her battle gets worse.
But the greatest change in their relation takes place when Rose starts having dreams that are no normal dreams.
It's her worst nightmare from the past. A past that doesn't even exist in this world. A past that she can't remember because it never occurred.
How will she fight against something that she has no memory of?

Diego Rossler, the heartless asshole, has a deep dark secret that he has managed to keep from the world for years.
Now in his junior year, he is the boy every girl wants to get laid with. But he has eyes only for one girl. A girl who he shares the room with every night but she ain't interest in him.
When he falls to care for Rosanne, he learns her about her troubled nightmares that forces him to reveal his own secrets.
Soon they learn that Rose is in much grave danger than they initially thought.
Would Diego be able to save her before it's too late? Would they fight for each other against all odds?
All the answers lie in this one place.
A place that no sane person knows exist. A place that is worse than hell on earth.
A place that is called "The Brooke"

A/N : You can also see read this story on wattpad under the username ChristinaSprings29

message 18: by Gabriela (new)

Gabriela | 1 comments OUTCAST By Tinycircles

I dreamed a dream of angels and demons, she was among them, soaring through the battlefield with her dark wings. I laid bare on the floor, immobile. Watching the sky as the rain washed the dried blood off my body. I saw and heard the cries coming from the piles of flesh surrounding me. Something or someone swept me up in their arms, "I warned you" it said, "You did."

On the small city of Reno,Nevada, in the corner of Tracy Ln lays a run down dinner called Kirks; where rogue, introvert, Dean just got fired from. Although he is aware of his misfortune, he has no idea how much his life is about to change. His life is about to be turned upside down, literally.

message 19: by Karissa (new)

Karissa (madam_muffins) Battle of Ash by Peach Lemon

It wasn't much at first; a stomach ache, a rash, a mild fever. For a few days. Then you were fine. We all were fine.

Until the seizures started. And got worse, and then people were falling into comas left and right; in their beds, in their cars, at their jobs. And just like that-!

They could run just as fast- faster than we could. They were technically still alive though, so 'zombie' always seemed inappropriate. They were the infected; victims fallen to their disease. Lost forever. Healing, growing, developing just like we would. Humanity could survive though.

Until the parasite evolved again.

message 20: by Laura (new)

Laura (lauradinca99) | 1 comments Wonderland by Laura Dinca

Hey guys! So I have recently completed a fantasy-dystopian story, and I would love to hear a few opinions on it, It would mean a lot. So, here's the summary:

It's the year 2134. The world has split in two.The good and the bad,the light and the darkness, the hunters and the monsters. And Kira Atkinson,the only female hunter in the Allymea Kingdom,faces the same choices when it comes to love. But when she has to choose between those two halves of her heart, the two sides of the same coin, she discovers that she can't decide whether she wants a love that makes her want to be a better person, or a love that accepts her for who,for what she is.

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Just Somedude | 1 comments

So this is actually just a link to my profile on and I'd LOVE to get some reviews and feedback on my story. I've written for Percy Jackson, Star Wars, Unwind, Maximum Ride, Sisters Grimm and I think that's it. I have a series about a son of Artemis, the Sisters Grimm is really complicated to explain so you'd actually need to read that one, the Star Wars one is from the view of a young Jedi named Malakai Wolshor who struggles with his Sith heritage throughout the clone wars and some years after the execution of Order 66, in addition it's told from the POV of several familiar characters such as Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, and a clone squad called Gravity squad consisting of Fancy, Gunrack, Clip, Arrow, and Bravo. Unwind is about a group of escaped AWOLS hiding in the mountains, and the Maximum Ride one is about a mutant named Patrick but I kind of took a break from that one because I wasn't really sure where I wanted to go with it. Some of them do have language in them, (And there is a kind of lemon in one but not really a lemon, it's hard to explain) so if you're easily offended then I would still recommend you read it just because I need reviews. Thanks and God bless.

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The Okay | 1 comments

Hey guys, I'm new to the whole writing thing and would like to get better at it. I've got a couple stories up, none finished, but would really appreciate anyones feedback on making them better. Thanks!

My story is called Rune of Dragons.


After running away from an angry farmer. Siblings Tannin and Macey Rune find themselves lost in a strange war torn world. Upon arriving, Tannin finds that his sister is missing and goes on a quest to find her. Little does he know, his arrival marks the beginning of prophecy told long ago, of the one who could bring harmony to the world of Gaalam by taming dragons.

Give it a look and tell me what you think!
Thanks for the support.

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Abbie Mendoza (Abbie_Mendoza) | 1 comments Hi, everyone! In just under a month, my sci-fi story, "A Viral Hybrid," already has over 80 views and counting in FictionPress!

Read the synopsis below to find out more:

"Circa 2026. The city is in ruins; people burned whatever they could find to send SOS signals to helicopters overhead. After a time, however, these same people give up hope of rescue as the world is in shambles after the Zombie Seizure. Harper is part of the hopeless many. She lives alone in her old home, mourning the loss of her parents and the life that she once had as she practices her fighting moves and waits out the apocalypse. But then she meets a benevolent zombie, who forces her out of hiding and convinces her to help him find the cure that will rid the world of the monsters once and for all. What she discovers, though, may not only change the course of the Seizure but also alter her entire perception of the life she once knew - forever."

Part 5 is up now!

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (abbiemendoza90) to get the latest on my story, as well as to read writing quotes that inspire me.

Thank you for reading!

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Meghan (megs14) | 1 comments Just wondering if anyone from this group read Queen of Glass when it was originally up on fictionpress? Do you remember how the series ended then?

message 25: by Emily (new)

Emily Cards (emkyrialynch) | 1 comments

Greek Mythology Fanfiction.

Pairing: Hades and Persephone

Rating: Mature

The love story of Hades and Persephone is overlooked and this fic will be retelling the beautiful tale...but there's gonna be important themes--such as self-identity and entering adulthood--tied in with the fic's mature content. Give it a shot--it's worth a try.

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Jillian (geekktragedy) | 5 comments Hey, so I don't really have a fictionpress account yet, but I have a fanfiction and I was wondering:

Would you read a super short story about an boy who watches a girl suffer every day and can't help her...because he is trapped inside her bathroom mirror and cannot make her see him?

Or would you read a longer story, a book even, about an invisible boy who lives in NYC and tries to help people and find out more about his world? It would probably be written in a sort of vignette style, with each chapter containing important events that piece together the story of why and how he is invisible.

OR, maybe a dystopia, similar to the Legend series by Marie Lu, about Lina and Alex, two very different people on opposite sides of a country split into not two, but almost fifty different areas separated by boundaries (pretty much each state), who have to work together to find out why their families were killed at the same time on the same day. Also this is cowritten by me (14yrs old) and my sister (13yrs old), with me as Lina and her as Alex.

If any of this interests you, please let me know!! I would like to have some beginner interested readers before I post.

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Lex Fassbender (lexfassbender) | 1 comments Promoting:

----You Have One New Message----

Online/long distance relationships are such a huge part of how we communicate nowadays, and yet there's not much literature about it. With this story, we're taking a chance on a new way of story-telling: Through texts. Meet these two complete strangers that log in on Omegle on a boring night, and like many of us, never thought a random chat could get this far.

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