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Do you believe in Aliens?
Bree Bree Feb 22, 2012 03:10PM
Okay this is strictly for fun no hard feelings.

Do you believe that there are Aliens and that they have been either been here or will come?

Simple Yes/No answers are no fun I wanna know why you think it and if you have facts to prove yourself!!!

I'm one of those people who doesn't believe that we are the only ones out there.I think God is an Alien (don't get mad hehe) because after all if he's not on this earth... that technically makes him an Alien.

In a universe this big and as it appears never ending, how on earth can you be so adamant that aliens do not exist?
If you are envisioning aliens to be green with three eyes that take over planets and live off brains then I agree but I would never be so closed minded to say aliens don't exist. I mean, lets face it, we would be the aliens to another planet.
I just can't believe in a universe this size we would have the only life forms in all of it's entirety.

I believe in aliens and life on other planets and in other solar systems, but I do not think they are advanced. If they were as advanced as we are or more so (that's scary to think of) I think we as humans wouldv'e seen some trace of them by this point. NASA and other space-agencies has proven that there are amoebas and other such single-celled entities on other planets and I think "why can't there be some sort of life gazillions of miles away in space? there are planets completely covered in water, so why can't there be life? even as little and small as germs or even plants." So, in my opinion, and I think this makes sense, there IS life on other planets, but not advanced life, such as the souls from The Host.

Shubham Possible..
Feb 27, 2012 07:51AM · flag

Of course, there are aliens!!
Or are you saying that there are zillions of habitable environments out there, and we are still all alone? :)
The reason why they haven't communicated with us so far could be the fact that they are wary of us, just like we are vary of any unknown species out there. They will probably study us elaborately, before establishing any official contact..
That's my take, but then till you have any evidence, you can never know...

Edwin (last edited Feb 27, 2012 06:14AM ) Feb 27, 2012 06:13AM   0 votes
Yes there are aliens. But looking at the knowledge we have about the universum the chance of us ever meeting or getting proof in our lifetime is 0,0000000000000000000000001%

Btw God is on this earth, so he's not a alien :-)

I definately belive in aliens. Not little green people, but some kind of life besides Earth. If the universe is as big as they say it is, how can we be the ONLY conscience?

I think the existence of life outside the solar system is a reasonable possibility. Whether they are advanced or not, I can't tell.

If yes, they probably are like us, stuck on their planet, since overcoming distances like those of the Universe is difficult. It's basic Physics.

If they're not, they probably saw that we are a bunch of warmongers who kill each other and we are probably not the most inviting race ever.

Not really sure. There are some, and perhaps many, strange, unexplained parts of history that no one is really sure. There have been many "UFO" sightings, even from people I know to trust.

HELL NO! No such thing if you believe in aliens then you might as well believe in Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny along with The Tooth Fairy...GROW UP GUYS! next thing I know you'll be thinking bigfoot is real too.

Mig HEY! Santa Claus is real! he's a Saint (Saint Nicholas).
But the character Santa Claus that gives gift every year is of course, not true.

Anyway, about
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