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like the roman camp half blood

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Levi | 2 comments Freddy is standing in camp Jupiter tanning in the coliseum with Jacob,his friend for the battle thats about to happen in a weeks time,and wondering about whats going to happen there in calester hall were they have to talk with the other generals named Rehay,Jacob,and Percy jackson.
I got to get going to the calister hall for the metting.I had to put all my weapons in a tray where the god of boundry potrols calister hall and i have to put on a robe and be peaceful,unlike Rehay.We were talking about how the greeks were coming to make alliences to deffeat the giants.The're coming in a flying giant war ship with our missing general named Jason and its full of greeks.How do i know the're not comming to kill us and percy is a greek! Holy crap and he has a hell hound! He also has a brother named Tyson ,thats a cyclopes.What the heak and just to make things worse Juno or hera took him to the camp half blood and percy jackson is here Arghhh! this metting is now over."Sir theres a greek war ship comming in the boundries of camp should we shoot it down." Joe said."No theres a camp jupiter general is in there! are you crazy let them land lets see what they have to offer." I replied.

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kisara smirked as she watched the group, safe(ish) ontop of the roof of her pavilion this will be fun~ she thought

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Levi | 3 comments lol

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Levi | 3 comments (do you like it?)

I replied."Percy,Rehay and me walked out of calister hall an saw a giant war ship land " Jason walked out of the war ship with his friend named Leo son of Hephaestus and Jasons girl friend Piper,daughter of Aphrodite.Rehay went to hug Jason but she didn't know that Piper was with Jason.Hazel,Percy's friend, she had a old boy friend when she lived in New Orleans over 50 years ago and Leo looks exactly like him, Frank! that's my old boy friend "said Hazel"You had a boy friend before me I didn't know that he was still alive? you told me he would was dead",Will talk about this later.Its nice to see you back,Its nice to see you to and the camp,Hows it going Freddy,Its going good beside the battle that happened against the Giant Poly-boats,With the help of Percy Jackson and his brother Tyson hes a cyclopes also he has a hell hound for a dog.Where is Percy Jackson i have some body looking for him

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Kisara leapt down from the roof top and made her way toward the group "Jason grace, about time you got back"

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