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Barely Breathing Banana The bloated moon cast a silver glow on the surrounding trees making them look quite erie. You could hear the campers singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' in the distance. Other than that, it was dead silent.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember sat in her bed trying to fall asleep , but couldnt because her brother was arguing with some one in the other room. She rolled over covering her head with her pillow . There was a loud bang on the wall then she herd her brother with draw his sword and vines crawled threw her door. She stood up and opened it seeing her brother release a boy, who looked a lot like him. The boy sat on the floor gasping for air. She jerked my brother back and helped the boy up.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) Saraphina walked around the camp feeling a little bit bored.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember looked at her brother for a while with an angry facial expression, one she only had around him.She couldn't sleep any more so she slipped on her shoes and went outside.

Barely Breathing Banana Dawn was walking around camp outside after the sing along and spotted an angry Cember leaving her cabin.
'Hey Cember, Wait up...What's wrong?'

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Kylene | 122 comments As soon as I went out side I already heard some one call after me.i stopped and realized it was Dawn."Its Chalist." When she caught up to me i started walking again with her along my side.She was so much taller than me and a lot more stronger than me too, but we got along very well.I started to put my hair up in a pony tail as it usually is and regretted not taking my jacket.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember looked down , noticing her shoelace untied. She ignored it.She started to shiver and almost began talking again, but was bumped into by some one she hadn't really met before , but she had seen him around a few times.What was his name uhhh T...Torr? yeah that's what it was-she thought as he passed by after saying sorry.He kept walking. "Torr!" she called out, not having a reason or really thinking about what she would talk to him about.Then, remembering Dawn she turned and noticed she was right next to her.

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Kylene | 122 comments She waved towards him and smiled.Cember had forgotten all about her brother and was only focused on Torr.probably because she knew everyone at camp,but him.she stopped waving and looked at Dawn."Have you ever talked to him before?" she whispered.

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Kylene | 122 comments "For what,bumping into me?It's cool.So what are you doin out ?"She questioned trying to make conversation.

Barely Breathing Banana Dawn stood quietly off to the side as the two chatted, she hated crowds and frankly, three's a crowd.

(sorry, i haven't been on a computer in a while and kinda forgot about this =P)

Barely Breathing Banana When she saw that the conversation was not going anywhere, she decided to leave. "See you later," she whispered to Cember before quietly walking away

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Kylene | 122 comments "Oh right it's Cember, Your is Torr right?I don't remember you too well,but I've seen you around...."She said the last part sorta was mainly her thoughts and she blurted it out without exactly thinking,but she just went with it and smiled a little trying to seem friendly.

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Kylene | 122 comments (Yea me too lol what do you want too happen)
"Ohh well uhh what do you do... like who is your god parent?" She asked and shivered again as more wind blew."Can we go inside?It's cold out here and i don't want to go back to my place."

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Kylene | 122 comments She giggled a little. "Uh my mom is Gaea. My father abandon me and Chalist.I don't care were we go it's just cold here so anywhere is fine..."She looked around to see if any one else was out.There was no one, her gaze fell back on to Torr.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) saraphina spotted two people around and went over to meet them

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Kylene | 122 comments Cemeber looked around again and then started walking straight,sorta fast.After a little bit she looked back and motioned for Torr to follow her.She walked straight to a cave she had seen from a distance, which was surprisingly very warm.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) "H-hey! wait up!"Saraphina called out as she ran up to them "Hello."

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember looked back and saw Saraphina."Hey!"She smiled and waved a little at her.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) "Where are you guys headed so late?"She asked

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Kylene | 122 comments "Well I was getting away from Chalist,"- she yawned-"Now im just cold and tired ,but i would rather be out here ,cold and tired, than with Chalist at the moment.What are you doing out?"Her eyes fell half closed ,still smiling, she leaned against a wall and fell slowly down as she drifted to sleep.

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Kylene | 122 comments When Cember woke up she was back in her bed.She got up, realizing she was now wearing Torr's jacket, and began her daily routine of getting dressed and ready for practicing at the arena.She couldn't figure out exactly how she had ended up in her bed and when sh had fallen asleep.When she left she made sure to bring Torr's jacket and started looking for him before going to practice.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember first went to his cabin,knocking on the wood in the door way because the door was wide open.

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Kylene | 122 comments She smiled and lifted up his jacket.

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Kylene | 122 comments "Yea I was really cold i don't exactly know why i mean it wasnt even really that cold out. And by the way sorry for falling asleep i didn't think I was that tired." She smiled and stepped in a little.

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Kylene | 122 comments (Umm i don't know..)
She smiled again and then looked around the room."Soo are you headed any were?"She turned and started walking out the door, expecting him to fallow.

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Kylene | 122 comments "Ha ok then and yea more then likely I'll join."She smiled and walked back over to him.

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Kylene | 122 comments She turned her head to the side and laughed a little then shook her head."You have a nice smile.... what are you ganna make?"she smiled yet again,it seemed as though she always was smiling around him.

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Kylene | 122 comments She thought for a little bit before answering."No thanks,but thank you for asking."She smiled and sat down then pulled out a vile, filled with water, and started messing with it, twirling it threw her fingers and all around the room.

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Kylene | 122 comments she threw the water up and it drooped back into the vile,every last bit of it."Yeah!sounds good."She looked down at her stomach that growled as she stood.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember stepped back and watched them bicker a little,and laughed as she noticed whenever Torr said something all her friends would instantly stop laughing.

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Kylene | 122 comments She followed after Torr and the same was placed in front of her..."Yumm!"She smiled and started eating.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) Saraphina found then and sat down at their table "Hey guys whats up?"

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember took a bite of her Nachos and looked over to her."Nothin much."She replied and took a sip of her drink.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) "Same here."Saraphina said as she bit into her taco.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember looked over at Torr and kinda stared for a while,"How did you know those girls ?"She questioned.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember laughed a little then her smile faded as she looked over at shadow,curiously.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember stood and froze looking frightened,with her eyes wide and her eye brows drooped along with her jaw slightly opened,in the direction he ran off in and then back to Shadow.She gasped and then ran towards his cabin.When she got there she figured it would be locked so she instantly began jiggling the door knob rapidly."Torr!?"She called after a while."What happened??"

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Kylene | 122 comments she stopped jiggling the door handle and stared at the door,as if she was looking at him, and after a whiles he answered,"Yea...no....i don't know Whats going on? what happened?"she stepped closer to the door now leaning on it,waiting for a response.

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Kylene | 122 comments She didn't expect him to say that and almost opened her mouth to protest then she paused and stepped back.She grabbed the door knob and slowly opened the door.When she saw him her eyes got wider,but she tried not to make it obvious that she was staring at the sharp metal coming from his shoulder.She sat down and looked over at him, not saying anything,and waited for his explanation.

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Kylene | 122 comments "I've never..."Her voice trailed off and she stepped closer to him,examining the metal.

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Kylene | 122 comments "That's ....so..."She reached out and touched it rubbing it in only one direction as he directed."Amazing."she finished her sentence.She lifted her fingers from the metal.and looked up at him."How much longer do you have...out of the 95 years?"Her finger tingled and hurt and as she looked down she realized she had pricked it and she immediately stuck it in her mouth,hoping it would ease the pain,as she did when she was little then embarrassed of her actions she took it out,blood still dripping from the small cut,and wiped it off.She searched the room for a band-aid then ,when she couldn't find one, She looked back up at him and smiled asking for one.

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Kylene | 122 comments "That's not very long....i meen it is but.."she tripped over her feet and fell.

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Kylene | 122 comments She laid on the ground for a few seconds then stood up and flipped her longish hair over her face.She then lifted up her elbow,examining it ,and noticing the scratch dripping blood."ha i guess landing on the floor is better ,but i need a band-aid."she turned and looked up at him.

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Kylene | 122 comments she smiled and laughed."I still need that band aid." She said again laughing,but not getting up.Her face also grew red.

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Kylene | 122 comments she gave a half smile and waved good bye.After he left she stood there for a while until she realized she was still in his cabin then quickly got out and went to her own cabin to relax for a few minutes before heading out to the practice range.

Barely Breathing Banana (haven't been here in a while, hope i'm not interfering)

Dawn walked over to the Gaea cabin and stuck her head through the door. 'You wanna join me at the practise range, it's empty so we get the good bows' She noticed her foot was getting stuck in the quick-sand and tried to pull it out...'Help?'

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember stood up and thrust her hand towards Dawn the sand beneath her flew to her sides and cleared the floor.She wiggled the fingers of her other hand and vines crept around dawns ankles and her wrists,lifting her off the ground,then setting her gently on the fluffy chair next to Cember's bed.she dropped her hand and the sand fell back into place,then walked over to her door way searching the room for her slip-on shoes

Barely Breathing Banana Outside, Dawn heard Chiron yelling at someone, she stuck her head out and saw Torr walking towards the boarder of the camp, followed by a small crowd. "What's going on?" She asked Cember. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw (or rather heard) Chloe whining to Chiron about how her shirt now has holes on the sleeves.

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Kylene | 122 comments Cember got her shoes and poked her head out the door.She laughed a little then ran over to Torr,motioning for Dawn to follow.

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