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DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
roman or greek
godly parent

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Name: Twila Gray
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Roman or Greek: Greek
Godly Parent: Nyx, Goddess of Night
Appearance: Medium-length wavy hair the color of midnight, wide purplish-brown eyes, pale skin, slim face. She's tall, around 5 foot 8. She's slim, and moves with a kind of grace that could describe her as willowy. Her clothes are usually dark, the only bright color she'll wear is blue.
Personality: Quiet, reserved. She spends lots of time sitting under trees reading and writing. She often takes long walks at night, usually through the woods. She refuses to do most of what Mr. D says, but she respects and admired Chiron.
Other: She fights with a scythe.

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Kylene | 122 comments Name:Cember Rya
Roman or greek:Greek
Godly parent: Gaea or Gaia ,Goddess of nature also known as Mother nature.
app:6'1'with Long Blonde hair with a mixture of dark brown streaks, but mainly blonde,and usually in a pony tail or pigtails. Gray/ Blue eyes .Usually wears torn skinny pants with a tank top,black,and combat boots.Really skinny kinda strong.
Personality: bubbly, nice,really shy to people she doesn't know but loud and not so shy.
Other:She fights with a bow-n-arrow and 4 little daggers.She also has a twin brother ,Chalist, who is almost the complete opposite of her.She has 2 wrist bands, one turns into a shield the other produces her weapons,she also has one around her neck which allows her to talk to animals.

Barely Breathing Banana name: Dawn Ultionem
gender: Female
roman or greek: Greek
godly parent: Nemesis, Godess of Revenge (Daughter of Nyx)
app.: Black hair & Eyes. Pale skin. Tall. Natural Black nails. Wears a thick, black cloak over grey trousers and a shirt.
personality: Quite, Witty, Sly, Sarcastic.
other: Fights with 2 knives, one slightly longer and bulkier. Also uses Bow and arrows. Rarley sword-fights, prefers daggers and knives.

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Levi | 3 comments name:Eli Theses Barrit
roman or greek:greek
godly parent:Ares
app.:HE is 6'1', Very strong and violent when he needs to be.He has blonde hair, lots of battle scars, blue eyes , Camo pants, white tank top,and always wears combat boats.
personality:Sarcastic, interferes with other peoples conversations/ arguments, very argumentative, always carries his weapons and his shield, which hangs on his back.
other: his phone turns into his sword of fire , he also fights with his bow of death that was given to him by Hades.He has a curse, the mark of Achilles.Destined to kill poly boats , and his minions and Krounos, Uranus.

ρɦαɳƭσɱ (ժαղcҽ's ճαճ) (goawayplease) Name:Saraphina
Roman or Greek:Greek
Godly Parent:Athena
Appearance:shes 5'4,very strong for a girl,not really into fighting but will if she has to.Has Red long hair,grey eyes,wears black tight t-shirt,black cargo pants,and black sneakers.
Personality:Smart,wise,bad attitude at times,mostly quiet,good listener.
Other:her headband turns into an arrow,a braclet that turns into a shield,and a cellphone that turns into a sword.

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Levi | 2 comments name:Freddy canto Harris
roman or greek:roman
godly parent:jupiter
app.:6'2 strong tall wears jeans, fights in a lot of wars,wears campjupiter t shirt with a leather jacket,Dark brownhair, short in a mohawk,Brown eyes
personality:Nice,Wise, honest, caring, respectful,a loud strong voice , and he talks when neccasary.
other:He is a legendary and genaral at camp jupiter,spere of electricity as his weapon along with sheild strapped to his back and a sword/lightning bolt, he can teleport and sumon lightning. he has a lightning bolt scar on his forhead.

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DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
why does everyone hate on the Romans? exept for you, Levi, your hackin' awesome

message 9: by Kylene (last edited May 02, 2012 06:06PM) (new)

Kylene | 122 comments im not hating on them i just thought i should pick a greek one since i don't know so much about the Roman gods...unlike my bo Levi! lol

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DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
Meh...well we need more romans

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DestinysMaster | 1237 comments Mod
Meh...well we need more romans

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