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The Wonderful and Terrible Habit of Buying Too Many Books

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message 1: by Kerry, flame-haired janeite (last edited Feb 22, 2012 01:48PM) (new)

Kerry Dunn (kerryanndunn) | 886 comments Mod
First, go read this article The Wonderful and Terrible Habit of Buying Too Many Books.

Now, I know this topic has been talked about exhaustively, but what the hell, let's talk about it again! I've often been ashamed of how many books I already have and how many books I continue to buy without reading them. My unread books are so great a number that I will probably never read them all in my lifetime unless I really buckle down and discipline my (reading) self and who likes discipline? Not me. And I'm not talking about my virtual "to be read" shelf. I'm not talking about all the books I WANT to read. When I talk here about my unread books I literally mean the ones I own and have not read. I haven't counted because most of my books are still in boxes until I get into a house of my own, but there are well over two hundred. WELL OVER. And like I said, I've often felt shame about this.

Reading this article MADE ME FEEL BETTER! This article embraces owning, collecting, and showcasing unread books. THANK YOU MR. GABE HABASH! You've made me feel better about my book addiction.

"Kerry, have you read all these books?"

"No! But one day I MIGHT."

message 2: by Shel, ad astra per aspera (new)

Shel (shelbybower) | 946 comments Mod
Hey, in my library I have two bookcases of books I've read. Those sit behind glass. Most of the rest of them... the 100 or so in my bedroom, for example... make up the to-read list, many of them bought on the suggestion of members of the group.

I'm happy to have that addiction fueled. My kids might feel differently when I kick it, but whatever.

message 3: by Matt, e-monk (new)

Matt Comito | 386 comments Mod
I have this big fire hose of books aimed at my head, most of them I dont in fact buy, many of them I dont even ask for - they pile up around my desk until such a time as I reach terminal angst and claustrophobia from being surrounded by these precariously staggering towers of spines. At this point and often in indiscriminate haste I take armfuls of these books and stack them in the apartment complex lobby - where they go from there I have no idea but I do not miss them

message 4: by Dan, deadpan man (new)

Dan | 640 comments Mod
Yeah, I am pretty good (bad?) at buying way more books than I can ever read. In fact, I bought 75 new books this past december when our library held it's sale. It's only cost me about $45 so was was I supposed to do?

I can't even imagine what my read to unread ratio is but I am sure it's approaching 1:1. Ok, I guess I can imagine it...

message 5: by Patrick, photographic eye (new)

Patrick | 133 comments Mod
Dan you need to come to one of our friends of the library book sales here on the island. they would love you. and bring Kerry with you.

message 6: by Kerry, flame-haired janeite (last edited Feb 24, 2012 09:25AM) (new)

Kerry Dunn (kerryanndunn) | 886 comments Mod
Seattle is the WORST for feeding my book buying addiction! Every time I go there I end up with a dozen or more books that I have to MAIL home to myself because they make my suitcase too heavy for the plane! It's all those wonderful bookstores like Half Price Books with their lovely $1 bins. It's when I think of my book addiction that I realize maybe it's okay that Las Vegas is a wasteland for good bookstores.


Oh and Patrick, Dan? Either of you can drag me along with you anywhere you go, ever.

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