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Jessica | 230 comments Mod
For those of you who've actually read the series and are up the the latest book or for those of you who skip ahead. *Warning Spoilers Abound*

Plot Summary:
Lieutenant Eve Dallas is no party girl, but she’s managing to have a reasonably good time at the celebrity-packed bash celebrating The Icove Agenda, a film based on one of her famous cases. It’s a little spooky seeing the actress playing her, who looks almost like her long-lost twin. Not as unsettling, though, as seeing the actress who plays Peabody—drowned in the lap pool on the roof of the director’s luxury building. Talented but rude, and widely disliked, K. T. Harris had made an embarrassing scene during dinner. Now she’s at the center of a crime scene—and Eve is more than ready to get out of her high heels and strap on her holster, to step into the role she was born to play: cop.

Melanie (meleye) | 5 comments I enjoyed this one. There were shades of Witness in Death throughout the story. I didn't figure it out until Eve revealed her thoughts. I do prefer the ones with a bit more dramatic ending, though. There's something so anticlimactic about a nice, quiet arrest. Eve seems to be working through most of her issues, and seems to be maturing. All in all an enjoyable read.

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