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hy didn't i like this book

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Lalala*Saredo* for some reason i hated this book i couldn't even understand it should i give it another try>???

Allie It was pretty good. But it got kinda boring after awhile. My advice is to keep trying even if it gets a little boring. It's totally worth it in the end, the other books are better

Lalala*Saredo* okay i will try it out again

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I can understand why you didn't. I liked it, but I didn't love it. You have to like the way it's written, otherwise it gets annoying. :D I would try it out again someday. I did and I really enjoyed it. ;)

Katie I hated it, so it's not a universally loved book. Some people did love it and maybe on another read you will, but you might not like it any better on a second read. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it. If you didn't like it, I'd move on to something else you might like more.

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Tracy O'daniel I did not like it either. If a book does not grab me by the first 30 pages, I move on. There are just so many great books, I figure why waste time on some that are not so great.

Lalala*Saredo* Tracy wrote: "I did not like it either. If a book does not grab me by the first 30 pages, I move on. There are just so many great books, I figure why waste time on some that are not so great."

true people tell you to read and never give up a book but i have and always will

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Ann Annesley If you don't like it by first few chapters try another book. There is so much out there for you to try and enjoy. It doesn't have to be a chore

Lindsay Kitson It's a great book, for someone who's never read a good book before. Don't feel bad for not liking it, it's perfectly normal to be bored out of your mind by someone's D&D game with a plot you can smell a mile away. I read book one, and talked to someone who loved it, who was reading book two, and said, "let me guess", and rattled off all the major plot twists of book two.

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Ethan It's just as bad as 95% of YA fiction, except it has dragons.

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Vladimir I really liked this "cycle" when i was 12-13 years old. But the thing is, this book works only if you haven't read any other fantasy and can't see the copy-paste from Star Wars and LOTR. When I read the third book when I was 15 I realised how untalented Paolini really is.

Arnab Totally agree with the rest.. Its pretty average if you ask me but then popularity can be a mystery :) in any case if it doesnt appeal to you then move on buddy there are better things in the world of fantasy...

Lalala*Saredo* totallly agrre i just don't get it and i will never get it.

Melissa Oliver I hated it. It took me forever to finish it. It was boring. I understand. :)

Olivia I hated it. I couldn't get past the first 50 pages. Still haven't even though I want to just to see why everyone likes it so much.

Lalala*Saredo* lol i got to page 100 or something then i gave up then i read a little of eldest and then i dropped the whole series.

Allie Gracey2curls wrote: "I thought this book was fantastic. However, I know people who hated it.
Is it worth reading the others?"

I read all the others and they were alot better than the other one.. more interesting has more action and so on..

Lalala*Saredo* Interesting i might try it again.

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