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Swedish Wallander s2 on DVD in the US in May
The second series of the Swedish Wallander with Krister Henriksson will be released on video-on-demand and DVD in the US in the end of May.

Watch Wallander in 13 recently recorded episodes in the pittoresque town of Ystad, Sweden. The episodes are 90 minutes each and will be in Swedish with English subtitles.

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Bee (morgaine620) I prefer the Swedish Wallander to the English one and I think they even have a German version. But the Swedish one is the most authentic I think.

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Sharon | 2447 comments Mod
The Bee wrote: "I prefer the Swedish Wallander to the English one and I think they even have a German version. But the Swedish one is the most authentic I think."

You are so right...IMO.

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Gary Van Cott | 132 comments I was watching the Swedish Wallander last night (The Worried Man) and was struck by how slowly the English in the show was spoken. It makes a certain amount of sense that the Swedish characters would speak English slowly but not that an American character would (Atkins, actually played by a Canadian). It makes it sound very strange. Also Atkins wore a very odd uniform in one scene unlike anything that has ever been worn by the US military.

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Gisela Hafezparast | 100 comments I prefer the Swedish Wallander as somehow the Swedish language/sounds and the subtitles adds atmosphere. Also feel the choice of actor is much more to what I imagined Wallender to be myself.

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Sharon | 2447 comments Mod
Careful....there are a few Swedish Wallanders. There was one more earlier on but I have no record of him although watched a few. Nr 2 below KH will always be KW to me. The links are useful. RL was IMO way better as Sebastian Bergman. KB is a great actor but IMO the series just doesn't work if you have read them all and been watching Swedish programs for years.

Wallander TV and films

1. Rolf Lassgård
as Kurt Wallander in the SVT TV-movie adaptations of the Henning Mankell novels from 1994–2007. Since then, he has also played a crime psychologist as the titular character in the crime drama television series Sebastian Bergman.
1994 – Mördare utan ansikte (Faceless Killers)
1994 – Polismördaren
1994 – Stockholm Marathon
1995 – Hundarna i Riga (The Dogs of Riga
1996 – Den Vita lejoninnan (The White Lioness)
1996 – The Hunters
2001 – Villospår (Sidetracked)
2002 – Den 5e kvinnan (The Fifth Woman)
2003 – Mannen som log (The Man Who Smiled)
2005 – Steget efter (One Step Behind)
2006 – Brandvägg (Firewall)
2006 – After the Wedding
2007 – Pyramiden (The Pyramid)
2011 – The Hunters 2
2012 – Den fördömde (Sebastian Bergman)

2. The best...with Henning Mankell involved fully even in YellowBird and starring K. Henriksson .....final season just now. Three box sets ....many many more 1.5 hour tv series than books all put together by author.


3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallande...
English Kenneth Branagh BBC and YellowBird


The screen adaptation of The Troubled Man starring Krister Henriksson will premiere in Swedish theatres on Friday 11 January. But five days ahead, Monday 7, the Ystad audience got a sneak preview of the movie.

In the movie version of the last Wallander novel the end is slightly altered and opens up to the five following films in the series, that will all air on Swedish channel 4 in 2013. end

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Sharon | 2447 comments Mod

Followers of Henning Mankell may find this article of interest....

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Gisela Hafezparast | 100 comments Thanks Sharon. Wish him all the best and good luck. At least he has access to some of the best health care there is.

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