Roleplay *sigh* Yes, another! discussion

Yes, yes, 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 ect. > Carter and Skye :)

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C M So..

message 2: by C M (new)

C M whatcha wanna do? :)

message 3: by C M (new)

C M mmmm okay...
deathly adventure/romance
umm, angel demon

message 4: by C M (new)

C M it is amazing :)

i also like slave master (recently liked that)

message 5: by C M (new)

C M i like vamp and weres :)

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C M when you say goverment do you mean they know they are working for the gov't or that they were genetically formed and are working for them against their knowledge?

message 7: by C M (new)

C M hmmm sounds interesting

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