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message 1: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
This months Author is.....

Gail Carriger

Here you can say what you are reading and if you are enjoying it, etc :)

message 2: by Barbara (last edited Feb 22, 2012 09:56AM) (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Already reading her (I know I am too early) and I am enjoying her book Timeless!!!

message 3: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
Yay so happy to hear :D

message 4: by Claudia (new)

Claudia (claudiavstoomanybooks) | 1779 comments Barbara, I'm turning green with envy. :)

To everyone who hasn't read Soulless or the rest of the series yet, you are missing out!
It's only R70 over at and delivery is FREE.

message 5: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
I read Soulless and actually have the next one on my shelf! Just so much to read :(

message 6: by Barbara (last edited Feb 22, 2012 02:46PM) (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
Like I said in the discussion your latest book buy, it is hard to concentrate on the book due to personal circumstances but I keep picking it up and reading it and I am loving it. It is just as good as the other ones if not better. It also makes me very curious about the spin off series (do you call it that with books or is that just with tv-series) she is writing about (view spoiler) that could be just as much fun reading as this series is.

message 7: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
I finished it and wow what an ending to a terrific series! Definitely something I am going to reread at some future date to get all the intricacies.
I loved it!!! The humor, the mystery, the romance, the oh no this is not happening moments, everything.
Claudia you definitely want to read this as soon as you get it! Can't wait to discuss it with you!

message 8: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
I really need to catch up with this series!

message 9: by Barbara (last edited Feb 25, 2012 04:36AM) (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
O yes you do. Perfect timing too. The last book of the series is released and it is our author of the month. You have got no more excuses :)

message 10: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
But But But so much to do!

message 11: by Henri (new)

Henri | 122 comments So much to read, so little time....

message 12: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
maybe a course in speedreading is what is asked for????

message 13: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) | 2258 comments Mod
I've just completed Soulless. I owe a huge thank you to Claudia for nominating the author and then pointing us to Loot for the special. Also thanks to everybody who voted for her since you have just introduced me to such a fun author!

In an interview Gail Carriger lists the most important authors who influenced her work as Jane Austen, Gerald Durrell and PG Wodehouse. So I also owe a thank you to my mother who introduced me to all of them in my teens. I have a nearly complete set of Gerald Durrell's books and a handful of Wodehouses lurking about.

I personally would describe Soulless as a mixture of Georgette Heyer (another bookshelf full in my house)/PG Wodehouse and Terry Pratchett. I had an absolute romp reading the book.

So now I have to get my hands on the next one...

message 14: by Lu (new)

Lu | 12655 comments Mod
So glad you enjoyed Soulless!

message 15: by Barbara (new)

Barbara | 4434 comments Mod
The whole series is great! I read the last book in this series less then a month ago and I must say it is a great disappointment that it was the last, because the whole series is great and I wish there was more. I want to know what happens next to my beloved characters. I can't wait for the spin-off series and in the meantime will look for other works by her, because I just love the way she writes.
I hope you will get the other books soon and that you have as much fun reading them as I had.

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