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Hunger Games vs Battle Royale
Estelle (E) Estelle (E) Feb 22, 2012 07:47AM

I haven't read the Hunger Games and I would like to. I have also watched the Japanese film: Battle Royale.
Is it the same story?

Are the HG an american version of BR?


I never heard of BR until I announced like 3 years ago I was reading HG and someone was like "Oh you mean that series that ripped off BR" so I watched BR and read the book (very cool book and movie by the way), and the books are VASTLY different. The only thing the same is the fact that children are killing other children to survive. I recommend HG!

As far as I know they are only similar but not the same.

I'm no sure if she knew about it but when i read hunger games i thought that is where she got the idea. But i guess one can pick up most books and see similar ideas to other works written before it

I read somewhere (probably just on wikipedia) that the author of Battle Royale was none to happy about HG, but Suzanne Collins swears she never heard about Battle Royale prior to writing her book. I didn't know that BR was also a film...

I've only read the first HG book and read the BR manga. Both have kids/teenagers pitted against each other in a match to the death as part of some twisted government suppression agenda, but apart from that they're pretty different. HG has more of a man vs. wild feel to it, and tries to play up the reality tv show/love triangle aspect a lot. BR is, imo, a lot more explicit and violent, and also tries to address philosophical/psychological issues that HG barely even touches. The story is also totally different.

Estelle (E) Thanks for your responses!
I think I'll read HG, BR was a very good film, even if violent, like you said, it was a lot about psychoogical issues. I did
Feb 27, 2012 12:41AM

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