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Kristi (kristicoleman) So, after the Tournament, how did you feel about this section? Did the action bring you back to the story?? What about Catelyn's actions?

Ellen Librarian (ellenlibrarian) | 164 comments This section moved along well for me. The plot is really thickening now!

I'm not sure what to think of Catelyn. She seems well intentioned but I could also see her emotions getting the best of her.

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I really liked how Ned stuck up for his beliefs against Robert although it was obviously really dangerous and lost him the protection at that point that being the Hand gave him. I really hate Jaime.

I don't know about Catelyn either. I think she believes she is stronger emotionally than she is

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Catherine (catsmeeow) Yeah!! This section went by fast! I felt like Catelyn is too set in her beliefs of who and what is right and wrong. Such as sending away Jon and taking Tyrion. It's hard for me to relate to her.

I am sad that Daenerys keeps feeling the need to impress and protect her brother even when he treats her like trash. I'm glad that she at least can protect herself now and seems less fearful of him

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Martha (marthas48) Dany's brother is a stinker. That business of the "dragon" is so ridiculous ... he's just a simple-minded bully! But dangerous. However, her husband is much more dangerous and he seems to care for her now.

Catelyn's sister seems a bit off the rails, doesn't she? and where they live!!! Yikes!! I was getting dizzy reading about the ascent.

Eddard's in trouble now. I hope Robert remembers that Ned is his friend and protects him.

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Catherine (catsmeeow) Martha wrote: "Dany's brother is a stinker. That business of the "dragon" is so ridiculous ... he's just a simple-minded bully! But dangerous. However, her husband is much more dangerous and he seems to care for ..."

I know!! Dany's brother is ridiculous...and Catelyn's sister was not what I expected.

Sera Dany's brother has to be one of the stupidest characters in the story. Generally, cruel people are depicted as cunning and conniving, but this guy has no clue. Is anyone rooting for him to become King?

Catelyn's sister is definitely out there. I feel bad for the little boy. He is going to have some serious issues when he gets older.

Suzanne (thysanura) I liked this section, too. That ascent up to the Eyrie was amazing.

I agree about Viserys, as well. When I read the part where he acted like a jerk about the clothes Dany had gotten for him, I looked over at my husband and said I wanted to get Viserys and Joffrey in the same scene so that I could grab them each by the hair and clunk their noggins together.

Deana (ablotial) This was a pretty good section in my eyes as well. I agree with everything that has been said here - I think Catelyn is well-meaning but acts too quickly and based on emotions and I bet it leads to trouble. And her sister ... needs some help.

I'm liking Dany more and more, and her brother is truly awful. And of course Jaime is awful - I hope he is punished for what he's done to Ned.

I'm surprised no one here as mentioned Arya's section and the things she overheard. This was the most intriguing to me. And that Ned didn't seem to take it seriously, and it's not obvious that he made the connection on learning that Dany is pregnant in his meeting. I wonder who the two men were that Arya followed, and what will have to happen before her father finally listens to what she has to say.

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Amy (bibliocrates) I am not in disagreement with any of the comments thus far. Life got crazy and I had to put this book down for a while, new apartment, new job, etc. Then, I got ahead of myself and watched the entire first season on HBO On Demand. I am just now getting to finish the book, as I am eager to move on to the second one. My favorite in this section was Arya also. Eddard really should listen to his daughter.

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