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Love? or Hate?
Sharon Sharon Feb 22, 2012 06:44AM
I just read the first bad review of this book and I'm just curious are there more lovers (like me) or haters out there.

I loved it! I think she is a fantastic story teller. I never saw that ending coming and I was enthralled and the world she painted was so interesting. I really look forward to the 2nd and 3rd instalment.

This book was FANTASTIC. I can't even imagine hating it. Not even close.

Loved it :)

Loved this book. I did however find the slipping in and out of the different (even though they were the same) narrators to be a bit strange. I wanted to hear more of Karou rather than Madrigal, but I understand why it was done. I just found that I'd grown attached to Karou, and would have liked to hear more from her rather than Madrigal towards the end of the book.

Still an absolutely brilliant read though. Can't wait for the sequel!

Who doesn't love it needs glasses.

Hated it. And I only hate it so much because I WANTED to love it. Loved the lore and the worldbuilding, loved her Chimaera family, loved the atmosphere. Even the excessively flowery writing I could tolerate. But I hated the "insta-romance" between the main two (which we had to suffer through not once, but twice) and actually hated Akiva in general. Wanted to like Karou, but she felt like a case of the writer loving the character WAY too much. Their love was completely authentic and meaningless to me.

I found the existence of Chimaera and magic doors across the world more believable and realistic than anything between Akiva and Karou.

I liked the book, and found the prose lyrical and rich. I agree that some of the plot “twists” were predictable and some parts of the story were slow, but it was overall it was entertaining. I am looking forward to the next book because I believe she has laid out all of the back story and now can get to more action.

Loved it too and think the paperback cover is even better than the hardback! Bring on the 2nd in the series!

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LOVE! massive, rose colored, flowery, obsessive kind of book love that may be unhealthy but is still so much fun kind of love!!!!!!

Best book ever!!!!!!!!!1

Although, I had no notion of the hype surrounding this book, sadly, it fell short of my hopes. There was an element missing that I can't quite put my finger on, but it kept me from completely enjoying the book. I will not be reading the rest of the series. :(

I will read the next for sure. Some parts get a little dull. But I am to fasinated by what will happen next.

Definitely love this book!

Loved it. I thought Karou was so funny in her actions and not just the typical sarcasm that a lot of authors abuse anymore.

Having loved The Hunger Games, I've listened to a few other YA novels, such as Divergent (which was okay), but Daughter of Smoke and Bone was so well written, superbly narrated, and it was such a pleasure to visualize the different characters and creatures. A plus is that the plot was unpredictable, and that's always a gift. Definitely looking forward to the sequel, and I highly recommend the audiobook, if for no other reason than to enjoy the voice of Brimstone!

I read it in a couple of hours, and I loved it, couldn't put it down the whole time.

Sharon wrote: "I just read the first bad review of this book and I'm just curious are there more lovers (like me) or haters out there."

Not a hater,just a disagre-er (is currently reading it)

On paper the plot seems good its just to bad its gets lost in all the overly fancy wordings.Also its one of those books w.ere *insert foreign locale* is a "magical place"

I loved it.

I like this book, I don't love it and don't hate it. Certainly is not a master piece and if I should recommend a book, will not be this one, for sure.

I loved it. I did prefer the beginning to the end, but loved the mythology and the world of Elsewhere. Maybe chill out a bit on the romance, but that's only a hindsight criticism. Loved it.

I loved everything in the book except the romance. It was a bit too forced.

absolutely loved the book. The writing alone was to die for.


I can kind of think of some questions for this discussion, but it has been a while since I read it so anyone want to help?



I loved it.

I liked it, but I didn't love it...

Sorry, haters ... I can't imagine starting to hate this book.

:) I agree--Loved it!

It was not really great but i did not hate it.

It's not perfect, but I did really enjoy it. Probably because I'd never even heard of it and my mother was reading it (she's a book store manager and gets advanced copies, and she was just reading this one before reading the advanced copy of the second book), and said it was really good - so I didn't have the disadvantage of it being over-hyped or anything. Like I said, I could make a few criticisms, but I still gave it 5 stars.

Hate is too strong a word. But I did not love it. Probably will not read the sequel, not sure yet, haven't quite decided. There were some good parts but not enough (IMO).

I loved Karou's part of the book. Madrigal's story while interesting really needed to be edited down to a couple chapters it just went on and on. I remember turing the page and moaning because it wasn't over with yet. I just wanted to get back to Karou, because I love Karou, she was funny and real, I could relate to her a lot. I just wasn't interested in Madrigal and she is Karou, she should have been more interesting.

I love love love this book, although now that I think back on it, I realize why some people may not of liked this book.
But for me the experience of reading this book was divine because I loved every minute of it and how their world is so much different then ours. Well I'm babbling but I thought it was made of awesome.

LOVED it! :)

Loved it. Laini Taylor is a great story teller.

I really wanted to like the book too after reading the reviews,but i find it a bit of a...slow read. I wasnt dying to finish it and i guess it just didnt hook me. But, the narrating and plot is pretty interesting and thats why i didn't give it up.
Whats really weird is that i liked reading about the interactions between madrigal and akiva more than with karou. Didnt feel like karou was madrigal.

I simply love it!!!!!

I also enjoyed it, I think because Taylor created such a different world. Yeah, foreign countries aren't magical places or whatever, but the way she blends her world and ours was very interesting.

However, I also that the last part dragged a bit, even though we really get to see the demon/angel world.

I definitely liked this book. There were a few parts I wasn't too crazy about, but that's the case for every book. Nothing's perfect.

I'll be reading the sequels.

I liked it. Not my favorite book though.

I was confused by this book at first, but i settled into it and found myself thinking about it even when i wasnt reading, i fell in love and by the ending i was itching for everything to turn out ok, but of course it didnt happen so i have to read the second book in utter agony and anticipation to find out of Karou makes the right choice with Akiva

I thought it was a really beautiful book, wonderfully written and described. I didn't really care about the characters though, at least not until the last 100 pages or so.

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I thought it was a wonderful book. The characters were really well done and the mythology was firmly in place. It was a compelling love story and, in the end, I was left wanting more without feeling cheated or short-changed. I've Pre-ordered the sequel, even though it won't be available til November. That's how much I loved this book.

Loved the first half of the book, but found the second half dull as dirt. The Akiva/Madrigal romance was shallow, under-developed, and over written. The Akiva/Karou thing was way too easy and instant for my liking.

Then there's the dialogue... I feel like the dialogue between Brimstone and every other character ran quite smoothly, it sounded quite natural. But the dialogue between Karou and Zuzana and Akiva was a bit forced, too much banter, but not enough substance.

I like the idea, and the concept of the worlds created in the book, the plot was over promised though, and was definitely murdered by the romance taking over all of the storyline.

I liked this book it started of confusing at first but the ending was amazing :))

Love, Love, LOVE it! read it in two days, can't wait for the next one! Its so unsual, you don't see too many books about the Chimaera! would totally read it again!

This book was amazing to read and listen to! The narrator was an excellent choice that I found the book to be extremely entertaining and was constantly enthralled by the plot. I enjoyed the twists and the fantasy world the author created. I'm excited for the sequel in November!

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