Phantom (Alexander Hawke, #7) Phantom question

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Ted Bell Ted Feb 22, 2012 03:49AM
I'm excited about PHANTOM for a couple of reasonsPhantom the first of which is I took some chances. I didn't stray from the genre (God forbid!) but I did come upon two paths diverging in a yellow wood and took the one less traveled. I walked a fine line between spy thriller and sci-fi. On the surface, the book is about the emergence of cyberwarfare and a rogue Iranian scientist. But I also tread a fine line here, using the novel to explore the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence, a subject that fascinates me. But there is no "fi" about my "sci" here.
Immersed in the subject I ensured that all the science was strictly legit. As is said in the book, "The difference between science and science fiction is timing." The book hinges upon a question: who is the villain of the piece? The man or the machine? I look forward to hearing how readers react to my choices and decision to "stretch" a little bit?"

Felt like a logical progression of the character and series to me. I didn't find it "out there" at all. Thanks for your work(s).

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