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About Sydney *SPOILERS*
Gopika Gopika Feb 22, 2012 03:12AM
Okay, so, to those of you who finished the book.

Sammy said: She also said 'Vampires weren't their concern' so I'm thinking that all witches have blood that Strigoi can't stand to drink.

I think thats quite probable because when Lee was trying to use her to change him, it wouldn't work (although that may have been because he was changed back) but also that Strigoi who he called didn't like her blood either.

Personally, I thought so! If she is, I cannot waittttt until Adrian finds out. I can only imagine the kind of comments he will have about witches. "Woah Sage. That's kind of hot." Hahaha.

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Sydney is an alchemist. Not a witch or some other magical creature. I think she may have a special power or something that could be rare for alchemist to have. Sydney has something but personally I think it has to do with her golden lily tattoo. I mean I know that what ever happened to Lee was because he tasted Sydney's blood but I think maybe it's like that for ALL alchemist. The lily tattoo must do something to prevent their archenemies (vampires) from killing them. It makes sense because what other stuff would alchemist have for self defense?

Witches weren't mentioned in the books
I thinks that Alchemist blood is different.
Because they have Human blood but also to be Alchemist They have qualities of Moroi which makes it different.
However from the strigoi's reaction and the teachers reaction Sydney may just be something completely new.
But i don't think she's a witch maybe she has Magic running through her blood.
LOVE Sydney and Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 MORE DAYS TILL The Golden lily COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright - i have this ALMOST Impossible Theori.
Do any of you think that she is a child born somehow by a Human and Strigoi?
Or two Dhamphires?

She might be, I don't know... Bit vampire and alchemist, I don't know how that would make a 'witch' but still.

Most likely.

I think she is a mixture in between. Both something related towaRDS a witch, that's my little hunch and I'm sticking to it.

She is an Alchemist-that was given to her when she first got her tattoo, however she does have some 'magic' although I wouldn't call it that. Probably something like simply being more in touch with the earths elements and having a slight control over them- like really weak version of what the Moroi have over their non-specialised elements.

Interesting Conversation

I dont think shes a whitch. And i think she should not date adrian, because the Alchemist would go crazy(also here dad)

She's an alchemist for sure.. but I do feel there is something .. maybe that theory above, born form a human and a strigoi .. or something like that.. So much to think about :D

she is an alchemist

I think she is a witch because the teacher that got Sydney to research spells and practice them said that she has 'Coven status' and that she wanted to teach Sydney the basics.

She also said 'Vampires weren't their concern' so I'm thinking that all witches have blood that Strigoi can't stand to drink.

I'm not sure what I would call her because I don't remember any mention of witches in VA or Bloodlines but that doesn't mean she's not a witch. She definitely has some kind of magic or power but could that have come from the Alchemist side, like she has an abundance of something or is it something new entirely? And what is up with her eyes being gold, is that part of her supernatural self or what? Seriously June is just too far away and can not get here fast enough!!!!

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