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message 1: by Juwita (new)

Juwita | 98 comments Salaam to all members of this group!

I'm new to Goodreads, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find Goodreads Malaysia. Finally, a group of Malaysians who love to read!

Looking at the banter (and amount of topics posted), I'd say that this would be a great place to hang out.

So, hopefully we can all be friends!

message 2: by Najmuddin, Tok Mudin (new)

Najmuddin (mudin001) | 998 comments Mod
Selamat datang dan anda tentunya tidak akan kecewa!

message 3: by Azharuddin (new)

Azharuddin Mat Naziz (azhar_din) | 11 comments Sebelum ini, saya fikir hanya saya seorang yang ada kegilaan terhadap buku, tetapi, apabila melihat kepada aktiviti-aktivit pembacaan dalam kalangan ahli di dalam GRMY ini, saya rasa, saya yang paling sedikit membaca.. :D

semoga GRMY ini terus aktif dalam memupuk sifat membaca..

message 4: by miaomiao (new)

miaomiao (ajeep) | 155 comments Hi Juwita. I come in peace.

message 5: by Juwita (new)

Juwita | 98 comments Hello hello everyone!

I agree with Azharuddin. I thought trying to read 24 books a year will be a good challenge -- looks like people are reading so much more!

Well, that's okay. 24 will still be my target, just because it was set two years ago and I have yet to achieve it. So we'll see how it goes this year....

And thank you all for making me feel welcomed!

message 6: by Nazmi, Editor Sastera Berita Harian (BH), cerpenis dan novelis (new)

Nazmi Yaakub | 2430 comments Mod
Tiga tahun selepasnya.. Alhamdulillah juwita masih kekal ikut serta grmy. Terima kaish.

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