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message 1: by Marie (new)

Marie Ventris (marieventris) | 6 comments I am unable to find my book (or add it to the site myself, since I am a new member). I would appreciate any assistance! My book is Nighthawk (book 1 in the Otherworld Society series) and it's currently available on Amazon and B&N. I'll provide links if needed. I don't know much about this site yet, but it was highly recommended by a friend of mine and I love what I have seen thus far!

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) Welcome Marie. :) One of us will be happy to add the book to the GR database. Because of restrictions put in place by the major online booksellers, we can't obtain book information via their websites. But since you're the author, if you can provide the following:
Author name as published
Publish Date
Number of Pages
ISBN (10 & 13 if you have both or just one)
Description of book
Cover art (again, we can't access booksellers for this, but if you have a website, or the art is on your publishers website, a link to either of those will work fine.)

we'll get your book added ASAP. :)

message 3: by Marie (new)

Marie Ventris (marieventris) | 6 comments Thank you! What a prompt response!

Title: Nighthawk
Author: Marie Frances
Publisher: Self-published (ebook)
Publish date: 01/25/2012
Pages: 377 (tentatively - it's not in print; just digital right now) 130,000 words
ISBN: Don't have one (it's not physically in print yet)

Evie Chevalier is a city cop with small town roots, focused on her budding career. But when her childhood friend goes missing, she returns to her hometown of Nighthawk, Washington to unofficially investigate the mysterious disappearance. The local police are uncooperative and seem to be hiding something, but before she can delve into their secrets, strange things begin happening in Nighthawk.

A cover of clouds moves over the town, shrouding it in perpetual darkness. The animals and townsfolk behave oddly. Fleeting shadows haunt her hotel room. And there is the crow with the single white feather that seems to follow her everywhere…

All of the signs point her to the town’s old mine, left abandoned from the pioneer age. As a child, she believed monsters lurked in the black tunnels, but she is too old to believe in monsters now. What she stumbles upon in her attempt to save her friend changes her perception of the world around her forever.

Cover art can be found on either:


Thank you so much! :)

message 4: by Nenangs (last edited Feb 21, 2012 10:40PM) (new)

Nenangs | 469 comments no amazon for sure.
is barnes and noble okay?

please check:

❂ Murder by Death  (murderbydeath) nope - must be non-commercial...

message 6: by Nenangs (last edited Feb 21, 2012 10:49PM) (new)

Nenangs | 469 comments getting harder and harder...

what about reviewer blogs?

What about author's blog/website?
such as:

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Author's website is fine

message 8: by Marie (new)

Marie Ventris (marieventris) | 6 comments That is my site... just finished setting it up this evening, in fact.

message 9: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs | 469 comments @marie
my apology.
i took the pic from your site, to changed the one from B&N.
i should've asked first, but since you're the one making the request i tought it would be okay.

message 10: by Marie (new)

Marie Ventris (marieventris) | 6 comments That's fine! :)

message 11: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs | 469 comments you can claim your authorship of that book entry to goodreads if you like. :)

message 12: by Marie (new)

Marie Ventris (marieventris) | 6 comments I did; says it's under review now. Thank you so much for the help! I'll definitely be recommending this site all over the place. :)

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