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message 1: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Eaton-jones (barnabyej) | 5 comments Hello!

I've just updated my book to the 'second edition' version but need to change the book cover. The original edition that was listed was something done through an Arts Council scheme, via a small publisher, before the book got picked up by a bigger publisher. So, having updated the details, I now need to update the cover itself!

The new cover has been added as a new photo to the 'images' section. If you can't use that, please contact me via and I will email you a copy.


message 2: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Eaton-jones (barnabyej) | 5 comments Alternatively, you can find the new cover here...

message 3: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl Did they re-use the ISBN? If yes, you'll need to create an alternate cover edition. If a new ISBN was issued, a new record with that ISBN should be created, with the new cover. Also, we can't use any images from Amazon. I think the preferred method is for you to add the image to your profile photos (rather than to the book images section) so someone can upload it.

message 4: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen (kchayes54) | 10 comments Should be good now...let me know if it isn't.

message 5: by Darkpool (new)

Darkpool So what's happened to the previous edition cover version?

message 6: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Eaton-jones (barnabyej) | 5 comments Ah, lovely, thank you!!

It was a new edition with a new ISBN (I have updated all the info). The original cover was jettisoned, as the new publisher wanted to create a 'brand style' - due to this being the first book in a trilogy. So, the next two books will follow with a similar graphic for the cover/spine.

Thanks again. Much appreciated.

message 7: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl But Barnaby, your original cover version had been rated and reviewed by at least several people. We don't get rid of older covers just because they're older. We create alternate cover editions.

If the old ISBN has been updated with the new cover, then the record is incorrect, if indeed a new ISBN was issued with a new cover.

message 8: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Eaton-jones (barnabyej) | 5 comments The trouble is that the edition that was rated or reviewed WAS the new edition. The first edition of the book had a very limited print run and, because it was on Amazon too, it always pops up in the wrong places. The second edition, published by a new publisher, was the one that people read and reviewed (being as I know the reviewers who posted their rating/comments, I can verify this!).

However, if you need to create two versions of the same book, then I'm happy for that to happen. You'll just have to show me how to do it!

message 9: by Nenangs (new)

Nenangs | 469 comments Barnaby,
I already re-created the 1st edition book (with the old cover) and combined it with the revised edition (with new cover).

could you filled-in the blank fields?

Also I changed the cover from amazon for your 2nd book with the cover image you uploaded in the "images" section, cropped to get the front cover only.

message 10: by Barnaby (new)

Barnaby Eaton-jones (barnabyej) | 5 comments Hello!!

Thank you VERY much. Brilliantly done. I've added back in the details for the first edition and all is groovy.

You've all been rather lovely (but winner of the loveliest award has to go to Nenangs! Tee hee).

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