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sydney Hayley plopped down on the couch, she had dark rings under her eyes. She held the gun in her lap, the safety was off and it was fully loaded. She heard a bump from across the room and she fired in the direction while screaming. Hayley walked over to the hole in the wall, she's only succeeded in shooting a vase.

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Alex happily strung Yonni up from the gutters so that the limp body swung in the breeze outside of Hayley's window. "Tch, tch, tch..." He rung the doorbell before getting back into the car and driving Luz and Valery to Valery's house.

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sydney Hayley heard the doorbell, she held the gun steady. She wasn't about to be scared again, she knew exactly where she wanted this next bullet. She opened the door and saw Yonni, one of the men she remembered from the trial hanging, pressumably dead. She grabbed her phone and called the police. "Hello, please help. There's a dead body outside my house, I'm sure it was Alex. Please come now."
She gave the address as she ran out to Yonni to check on him.

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Yonni slowly came back into consciousness. He whimpered, but had lost so much blood he couldn't feel much. The blood hadn't stopped coming quite yet, unfortunately. "Tch... tch... tch..."

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sydney Hayley stayed on the line like she was told, she was stronger than she looked so she gently was able to half carry Yonni into her house. She set him on the couch and then pleaded with the cops to move their asses. Hayley ran to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit along with a wet wash cloth. She cringed at the sight of so much blood, the scent entered her throat almost making her gag. "Yonni, right? Listen to me carefully. You have to hang on to the sound of my voice. You are going to feel sleepy, but don't you dare fall asleep." She cleaned the slice up his stomach and the ones on his face.

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Yonni stared up to her, trying everything to listen. He felt as if he was burning up and if he could just close his eyes it'd go away. "Luz...?"

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sydney "No, this is Hayley. From the trial." She opened the first aid kit, luckily the cut wasn't too deep so she was able to bandage it up as the cops pulled up to her house.

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"Luz...." Yonni looked around, his confusion turning to panic. "Luz!"

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sydney Hayley pressed him down gently. "Where is Luz?"
Her stomach dropped, Alexander was probably up to no good again, how else would Yonni have gotten here.

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"Alexander... Valery and Luz..." He stared at her, still not fully recognizing her. "You gotta save them."

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sydney "The cops are here, I-I can't go back there." Hayley ran a hand through her hair. "Tell them, please."

Adrianna burst in with the EMT's that rushed to Yonni, Hayley walked to the couch and held her stomach. She looked to Hayley. "Who the hell did this?"
"Alexander. That sick bastard that was 'not guilty'." Hayley replied sourly.

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"No... proof." Yonni looked up at them both. "He was wearing gloves; he... he's going to kill them!"

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sydney Adrianna turned her full attention to Yonni who was presently being laid on a stretcher. "You have to tell me exactly where they are. I can help if you can tell me where they are."

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"I don't know. I was unconscious. I'm sorry.... Please visit, I'm not a fan of hospitals..." Yonni was carted off into the ambulance.

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sydney Adrianna thought for a moment. She grabbed her radio. "There is a possible murderer, I need all units at these locations."
She turned to Hayley as she named off Valery's and Luz's addresses. "Hayley, those were the others involved in the case right? And yourself?"
Hayley nodded and then bit her lip. "Go fast."

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((SHIIIIIT THEY'RE TOO LATE READ VALERY'S HOUSE... gah so suspenseful! >w<))

ღஐKendraღஐ | 265 comments ((*tear* I feel bad for Valery I liked her but I think she had to die...*sigh* R.I.P Valery West))

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sydney Hayley sat alone in her house, her father's were off on a date, they couldn't stand to see her after what happened. She sighed and curled up on the couch. Why doesn't anyone care about me...?

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