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(A lot of!) Questions after finishing this book (spoilers)

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Andrea This book left me with a lot of questions and imagining different possibilities...
Is it safe to assume all the characters are dead?!? Apart from maybe Bethan, who may have had a chance, what do you think became of her?
What did Steiner say when he radioed?
Why did Sarah burn the map, what did this symbolize for her? Did Tommy Atkins = Sarah's husband? I thought so for the longest time but when he saw The Court it seems to me he should have recognized it or been more familiar with it.
Why were they so stupid as to let Alex leave, did they subconsciously want to be caught?
How come they were even seen as deserters? I thought they were able to justify their stay in the valley. Who's choice was it really that Bethan leave the valley? I have a feeling it was her's and not Mary's.

Robyn I have a lot of questions too.

How long did Sarah survive? And who wrote the date of her death in the family bible? Was is her or Albrecht? Was it real or just an effort to deceive the SS?

I don't think Tommy Atkins was Sarah's husband, but there was someone who was unnamed but fit the physical description of her husband. This person trained George on how to be a sniper. I was thinking this could be her Tom.

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